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What the End of Google+ Means for Your Property Management Business

What the End of Google+ Means for Your Property Management BusinessIn case you weren’t aware, in April Google officially shut down the consumer (personal) version of its social network, Google+. While the shutdown doesn’t directly affect Google My Business listings, as they are two separate products, it’s still a big change and with that change comes some degree of uncertainty. To set the record straight and quell any concerns you may have, let’s take a look at what this change entails and, more importantly, how it affects your property management business.

Where are my Google reviews?

One of the biggest concerns property management company owners have regarding the Google+ shutdown, and rightfully so, is what’s going to happen to all my positive reviews. After all, you’ve worked hard to build up your online reputation and Google reviews are a big part of that. The good news is, any reviews you already had prior to this shift have stayed the same. In fact, your business listing (which we hope you’ve already claimed) will be the same as well. It’s just that now everything will be under the Google My Business umbrella.

Google+ vs. Google My Business

The difference between Google+ and Google My Business is that the former was more of a social platform. On it, users could post updates, share content and interact with one another, similar to Facebook or Twitter. Some property management companies used Google+ to share their own blog posts, third party articles, news about their business or the industry in general, etc. 

Google My Business has now become the central hub where web visitors can find and learn more about your company. Once you’ve claimed your listing, it will have details about the services you offer as well as logistics, like where you are physically located, what your office hours are and how to get in touch with you. And of course, as mentioned, your reviews will be housed there as well.

Sharing Content on Google My Business

Another concern many property managers have about the transition from Google+ is whether or not they can still share content. As you are hopefully aware, content marketing remains one of the most powerful and effective ways to attract new business, nurture leads and engage with existing customers. And since Google is the world’s largest search engine, any content shared on there will be positioned well in the rankings.

The good news is, you will still have the ability to add and share content through your Google My Business profile. For instance, you can post things like photos, links to your property management blog and other relevant material. It’s just that now, instead of having two separate accounts, everything will be housed in one central location, which actually makes things much easier.

In today’s digital age, things change rapidly – including the way Google operates. Staying on top of those changes, including the shift from Google+ to Google My Business, will give you a leg up and help you remain competitive.

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