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The Complete Property Management Software Solution

Streamline business decisions

With over 1000 reports covering every area of your business, users and managers now have the insights they need to make informed decisions on the go.

INFO-Tracker gives your team the reporting tools and analytics they need to win new business. Users can access reports from anywhere that are clear and meaningful so you can make well-informed business decisions quickly and easily.

With effortless drill down tools to required information or a click of a button generation of numerous reports, user can instantly generate error free reports for board of directors, members of the executive team; and empower front line staff with access on demand to current and historical data.

Stay connected and informed – effortlessly

Today’s residents expect to be kept informed, and to have access to convenient tools for communicating, and the same for property managers.

Generate and automate text messages, emails, broadcasts, and alerts that give property managers the tools to contact anyone, from owners, tenants, residents, and vendors. With integrated text messaging, emails, broadcasts and alerts, INFO-Tracker will keep not only your team in the “know” but your communities, driving higher levels of customer service and customer retention.

Access on demand, from any device

Equip your team with access to mobile tools that are designed for both speed and functionality.

Be prepared on the go. No matter where you are – on site or in the office. Stay connected to your teams with tools available on any mobile device. Access to your sites from your phone or tablet, equipped with the tools to track task progress and communicate instantly with owners, residents, and vendors. Make notes on your phone, receive, approve, and edit maintenance requests from the field.


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Tailored software to any portfolio

Whether you manage single or multiple portfolio types, or looking to expand your business into new verticals, back your business with the tools equipped for all.

Whether in the office or on the go, give your site staff the tools they need to succeed.

Stay connected with your maintenance staff, whether they are in the office or at a site through Netintegrity’s mobile apps, available on all smart devices. Communicate meaningful information from anywhere, with ease.

Empower your team in the field

Software anywhere: your teams are not stationary and your software shouldn’t be either.

Robust & Reliable Accounting

Give your property managers the tools to generate management reports with a click of a button – on the way to the meeting, completely eliminating the need for staff to search and gather for information and then creating a custom report.

INFO-Tracker’s robust accounting modules use automated workflows to offer faster, simpler, accurate payments and billing processes to open up more avenues for productivity and reducing the cost of administration.

Every report can be exported with ease into any other format: Excel, Word, PDF, etc. INFO-Tracker’s DocuGen module automatically creates the monthly package for board of directors, reducing your team’s time from hours or days to once again to click of a button.

Inspect with Confidence

An integrated cloud-based compliance (CC&R) solution for your property managers with the tools to track all community violations and automatically generate compliance letters, with a historical record and images recorded on a owner’s file automatically.

The violations dashboard gives your teams from summary to drill down view on violation information, notes and status from any device, in the office or on the go.

Geo-mapping gives your compliance team the right tools to ensure that they are routed as efficiently as possible, without missing a property.

Pay Only for What You Need,

Adjustable for Any Portfolio Type






Minimum portfolio size required for implementation is 150 units. For 1000 units or above, call for pricing.

Streamlined Adaptation: Implementation. Training. Support.

The Netintegrity team will be there for you before, during, and after implementation to maximize on your investment. Netintegrity’s professional services team works with users to tailor the system modules using best practices to suit your business needs.

From implementation onwards, we assign one team member to oversee your requests and free monthly training so that you receive support that best suits your company’s internal procedures.

Ted Maulucci,
CIO Tridel

What separates Netintegrity, from other software providers, is that they are good at listening to our needs and on designing solutions that generate real value and Return on Investment.

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