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Using Big Data to Better Serve Your Property Management Clientele

Using_Big_Data_to_Better_Serve_Your_Property_Management_Clientele.jpgThe concept of Big Data is nothing new. In fact, it’s been all the buzz for the past decade or so. But are you doing enough to leverage all of the information that’s out there for the benefit of your property management company? With the right strategy, you can leverage big data to help you locate your ideal customers and gain a deeper understanding of exactly what they want so that you can better position your firm as the perfect solution. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Monitor Your Interactions

Every place that you can and do interact with your clientele can provide valuable insight into who your customers are and what their behavior happens to be. For instance, knowing who visits your website (and what they do when they’re there), how people engage with your social media profiles and what your email recipients do when they receive your newsletters can help you hone your strategies to make them even more targeted and improve the user experience at the same time.

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Filter Through Leads 

Analyzing big data can help you determine the strength and positioning of your organization within the marketplace as a whole. It can also help you better understand not just what your customers want, but what consumers want overall. From there, you can adjust and tweak your marketing strategy to best suit what your target audience wants, needs and prefers so that you can more effectively convert them from prospects into paying customers.

Understand Purchasing Behaviors 

What buying behaviors do your ideal clientele exhibit? How do they interact with other brands and similar services? How much money are they likely to spend? When are they most likely to pull the trigger and hire a property management company like yours? For instance, do most consumers in your target audience prefer multi-channel brand interaction or require 10 touches before purchasing? Understanding this can help you identify better opportunities for generating and nurturing leads and recognize the right time to close the deal

Gain Tech Insight

Knowing what platforms your prospects and clients are most often using to reach and connect with you can help you identify where you should be investing the most marketing dollars. For instance, let’s say you use big data to determine that a good number of qualified leads are accessing your property management website via a Mac. If your site isn’t optimized for iOS, you could be missing out on a significant amount of business.

Make Infrastructure Smarter 

You want your infrastructure to be intelligent enough to capture as much information about your customers as possible. You’ll also want to make sure that every interaction a client or prospect has with your property management brand is a positive experience. Big data can help you determine areas where improvements can and should be made.

Integrate and Optimize Marketing Campaigns 

Leveraging big data can help you gain insight into what channels your clients are using and even what their likes and dislikes are. Once you’ve captured this information, you can then develop more comprehensive and effective marketing strategies and integrate them together to create an optimized, consistent experience across all channels and platforms.

There is a massive amount of data and information available to your business that is ripe with opportunity, provided you know what to look for and how to access what you need. By defining a strategy for gathering, analyzing and leveraging big data, you’ll be better able to reach your ideal prospects quickly, effectively nurture them through the sales funnel and ultimately convert them into satisfied customers.

Are you using big data to improve your property management company’s operations? What advice could you provide that might help others in the industry? Please share in the comments section below. 


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