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Smart Data = Smart Property Management Decisions

smart_data_smart_property_management_decisionsFor a few years now BIG DATA has been a pretty big buzzword in the business world. Big data promises to enable more confident decision making, resulting in greater operational efficiency, cost reduction and reduced risk. That is the dream. However, the reality is that BIG can also mean difficult to manage and analyze.

Without an integrated management system in place across your entire property management organization, data collection and analysis can be an extremely time consuming process that is prone to omissions and human errors. These inaccuracies will negatively impact the integrity of your data and in turn, the soundness of your business decisions.

If you are using multiple software solutions to run different departments or aspects of your organization, (like QuickBooks for Accounting, or a 3rd party solution for online rent payments), you only have access to a partial view of the complete picture — and you or your staff could spend countless hours piecing it all together with varying degrees of effectiveness.

However, when structure, filters and relevant analytics are introduced, big data becomes smart data.

The Power Of Smart Data

✔ access information-rich reports

✔ identify trends and issues
✔ analyze risks and opportunities
✔ make informed business decisions
✔ manage more proactively
✔ spot opportunities for growth
✔ accurately budget & plan for the future

By combining the comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities of INFO-Tracker™ property management, accounting and maintenance management software with fully integrated OneLink™ property management portals, data becomes intelligent.

Complete system integration means that every aspect of your entire portfolio operations is accurately tracked and reported on — from a high level overview, down to a very granular analysis.

“To stay competitive, it is mission-critical to have a deeper understanding of our rental and condominium portfolios. Using INFO-Tracker™ helps us access a single source of the truth, which is vital to our business as we ensure stronger customer satisfaction and prepare for the future growth of the company.”
— Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel

All communications, transactions and expenditures are automatically recorded in real time, giving you instant access to the data that’s needed to make informed business decisions and spot opportunities for growth.

Access historical data and identify trends, for more accurate forecasting, strategic planning and budgeting for the future.


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