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What to Consider in Building Your Property Management Brand

What_to_Consider_in_Building_Your_Property_Management_BrandThe purpose of creating a strong brand identity is to make sure that potential customers choose your property management service over the myriad of others competing for their business.

First and foremost your brand should harken back to the vision you created for your business.

Whether you aspire to be the largest commercial property management company in North America, or the most respected provider of affordable housing in your region, your brand should represent this vision and bring you closer to achieving it. 

What are you good at?

In determining the brand attributes you wish to convey to the public as well as your internal staff, first consider what your strengths are as a property management service provider.

Do you consistently deliver impeccable customer service? Or do you offer innovative services (like a state-of-the art community portal) that many of your competitors do not?

Create a list of all of the things that your organization does well and make sure that you effectively communicate these to the public, internal staff and all stakeholders.

Reinforce these attributes often, by making reference to them in communications and most importantly, making sure that you and your staff continue to follow through with them in your actions.

Over time (and perhaps within no time at all) the things you do well will become associated with your brand.

The Property Manager’s Guide to Building Brand has all the inspiration and resources you need to persuade prospects to choose you over the competition.

What do your customers want?

Another important aspect to consider in developing a brand that prospects will choose over the competition is — what does your target audience want and need? If you are unsure, you could try conducting and incentive-driven survey to find out.

Strive to provide people with the things they want, paying special focus to relieving their pain points, and find ways to promote that you do so.

But make sure that you are both sincere and well equipped to effectively and consistently deliver on your promises. Over-promising and under-delivering can seriously tarnish your brand’s reputation.

What do your customers really want?

Over the past few years a new trend has been emerging and gaining momentum worldwide. People are becoming more aware of what is really important and as a result they are choosing brands and companies that demonstrate a social purpose beyond just making money and appeasing shareholders.

Often this is referred to as Emotional Branding. In property management, the most obvious social purpose would be to improve the community and make life better for individual residents.

Promote your brand as a brand with purpose — but only if you have a sincere commitment to fulfilling that purpose.

How to deliver on social purpose

No matter what type of portfolio(s) your organization manages, there is an opportunity to demonstrate that you care about individuals and the community, and want to make a difference.

At first glance it may appear that providers of affordable, senior and military housing have an advantage in the social purpose sphere. However, even providers of commercial property management services and luxury condominium living can get on board the good karma train.

Commercial property managers can show they care about the environment and the well-being of future generations by making their properties LEED certified and incorporating features such as smart energy solutions.

Even the property manager of the most exclusive luxury condo in the city can position themselves as a do-gooder by giving back to the community through charitable activities, and providing its residents with a tranquil, full-service, worry-free refuge from the fast-paced and demanding corporate world.

Again it goes back to fulfilling your vision, appealing to people’s emotions and doing everything you can to set yourself apart from and ahead of the competition.


Get your free copy of The Property Manager’s Guide to Building Brand. It has all the inspiration and resources you need to persuade prospects to choose you over the competition.


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