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Tips for Picking a Property Management Productivity Strategy That Gets Results

Tips_for_Picking_a_Property_Management_Productivity_Strategy_That_Gets_ResultsIt doesn’t take a brilliant business mind to know that the more productive someone is, the better the outcome for that individual, his or her team and the organization as a whole. This is especially the case in the hectic property management field. That being said, there isn’t really a right way or wrong way to achieve optimum productivity. What works for one may not for someone else. Which strategy is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Pomodoro Technique

This strategy focuses on breaking down larger tasks into smaller increments, thereby making them seem less cumbersome and therefore more achievable. To apply this technique, set a timer as you start a given task (the recommended time is 25 minutes). Work until the timer buzzes, then take a 5 minute break. Reset the timer and repeat. Once you’ve completed 4 pomodori, take a longer break (15-30 minutes).

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Ivy Lee Method

The namesake of this strategy was a productivity consultant who worked with Thomas Edison, so it’s safe to say he knew a thing or two about getting work accomplished efficiently. This technique involves writing down and prioritizing 6 important tasks each evening to be tackled the next day. When the day begins start by working on the first task until it is completed then move on to the next. Any unfinished tasks should be included in the 6 items for the following day.

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In addition to these two common productivity strategies, there are also some general techniques that successful professionals apply to their daily and/or weekly routine.

Weekly Checklist

Before the start of each week, it’s a good idea to create a checklist of what you’d like to accomplish by Friday. (This is separate from your Ivy Lee daily priority list.) Remember, given the chaotic nature of our industry, it may not always be possible to accomplish everything on your weekly list. Aiming to complete as many tasks as possible, however, should at least keep you on track and productive.

Weekly Review of Tasks/Projects

Once a week, dedicate an hour of your time to reviewing the status of all the projects you’ve got on your task list. This includes anything that’s in-progress as well as those that haven’t been started yet. Doing this allows you to stay on top of everything that’s on your plate and also identify key tasks that may be worth delegating to someone else on the team.


When mapping out your schedule, you may want to apply a certain strategy to ensure that you’re capitalizing on your peak productivity times. Start by inputting all mandatory and recurring activities. Schedule those tasks that require the most attention/creativity in time slots when you’re most alert and productive (for most people, this is first thing in the morning). Less intense tasks, such as email follow up and phone calls, should be saved for later in the day. Don’t forget to schedule some down time in between to give yourself a breather and allow yourself to recharge.

In a field like ours, maximum productivity is the one thing that will differentiate your property management company from the competition. Applying a specific technique that’s been proven to be highly effective can help keep you and your entire team on track, ensuring that everything gets accomplished in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

What productivity techniques have worked best for you? Please share in the comments.


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