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The Importance of Timely Responses in Property Management

The Importance of Timely Responses in Property ManagementCommunication and timely problem resolution are the cornerstones of any successful business, but even more so when it comes to the property management industry. In our field, it’s all about response times and how we handle issues as they arise that will make or break an organization. Staying on top of your day to day tasks, while also maintaining a high level of service can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a moment to examine just why timely responses are so important and how you can improve yours.

Why Respond Quickly?

If you think about it, a good deal of the time when a client contacts you, it’s because there is some type of emergency occurring at their property – whether it’s a burst pipe or a gas leak. It’s pretty obvious that these types of situations require immediate attention, both for the safety of the residents and the protection of the property itself. Yet, there are plenty of other reasons a client might reach out to a property manager. These non-emergency situations should also be handled in a timely manner for a number of reasons – namely customer satisfaction and risk management.

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Customer Satisfaction

Obviously you can’t be successful if you don’t have customers, and you can’t attract and retain customers if you’re not doing your part to keep them happy. While to you a leaky facet may not seem like something that warrants a same-day visit, to your client who has been kept awake at night from the sound of dripping water it’s a big deal. By treating incoming requests with a sense of urgency, you show your clients that you value them. Happy residents tend to take better care of their homes, and they’re also much more likely to stay for the long-term, which is good for your business as a whole.

Risk Management

Any experienced property manager knows that sometimes the smallest of issues can lead to big problems down the road if they’re not addressed. For instance, that same leaky faucet mentioned previously, if not fixed in a timely manner, can lead to costly property damage or even a flood. Responding quickly when issues arise will help you stay on top of the properties you’re managing and reduce the risk of future problems. It can also provide the opportunity to proactively identify potential problems before they develop, which will save you time and money in the long run.

How Can Property Management Software Help?

With the right property management maintenance software in place, keeping up with incoming requests and managing response time is a cinch. Because the process is fully integrated and automated, you can easily track maintenance requests and monitor progress to make sure that issues are being dealt with in the appropriate amount of time. Plus, both your internal and external communications will be improved, ensuring that your team is kept in the loop, as is the customer.

Instead of manually juggling communications and running the risk of dropping the ball, technology can do the heavy lifting for you and ensure that every incoming request is handled with the care and attention it deserves. Not only is this good for your properties, but it’s good for the success of your organization as a whole.


Take your customer service to the next level! Get your free copy of the Property Manager’s Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience.

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