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Successfully Navigating Digital Transformation within Your Property Management Company

Successfully_Navigating_Digital_Transformation_within_Your_Property_Management_Company.jpgLike it or not, the world is changing rapidly around us with things like new technologies and better practices emerging on an almost daily basis. The ability to keep up with and adapt to these changes is critical to the success of any business today, but doing so is often much easier said than done. If you’re struggling in this area or just feel that you could use a little guidance navigating the many obstacles that come with digital transformation within your property management organization, here are a few tips.

Understand where you’re headed

While you certainly must focus a good deal of time, energy and resources on reaching your short term goals, it’s equally important that you don’t lose sight of the big picture. Define who you are as a company, what your story truly is and what direction you see your firm heading in. Keeping your eyes on the prize will help you stay the course along the way.

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Have a plan of action

Once you’ve identified the end goal, the next important step to successfully navigating digital transformation within your property management company is to develop an action plan, complete with milestones that are designed to systematically help you achieve your overarching, long-term objectives. Understand, however, that there will likely be some hiccups along the way so be prepared to make adjustments as needed.

Acknowledge and embrace challenges

Working through radical change often involves feelings of awkwardness and discomfort for everyone involved. In fact, any deviation from the way things were previously done can bring about growing pains. The key is not to deny, suppress or minimize these feelings, but to acknowledge them and embrace the challenges you are facing. How else can you celebrate success otherwise? Let people know that what they’re experiencing is normal, but that change is an inevitable part of your property management company’s ongoing success.

Be proactive about problems

You will never effectively manage change without running into and resolving problems along the way. That’s the whole purpose – finding areas of potential improvement and taking the steps necessary to achieve those improvements. But don’t wait for problems to come to you. Actively seek them out. Leave no stone unturned. The more effort you put into this upfront, the more successful the outcome will be in the end.

Make it a company-wide experience

The change initiative happening within your property management company may have been spearheaded by those in leadership roles, but it’s something that will impact everyone from the top down. The best way to facilitate positive change is to include all employees in the process. Digital transformation is not a one-off project, but rather an entire cultural shift which requires all hands on deck if it is to be successful.

Communicate, communicate and communicate some more

Throughout every step along this journey, open, honest communication is absolutely essential. People want to know what’s happening around them and how it will affect their day-to-day lives. Just as involving employees in the process creates ownership, keeping them informed at all times is also key to overcoming objectives and making the experience a more positive one. Answer questions, address concerns and quell fears. The more you do, the easier the transition will be for everyone.

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Whether your particular digital transformation involves something as simple as adopting a new social media strategy or something as monumental as implementing an entire technological overhaul, incorporating the above guidelines into how you approach this change can mean all the difference in the world to your property management organization and those who work within it.


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