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Property Management Tips – Marketing to Generation Y: What Not to Do

Property_Management_Tips_Marketing_to_Generation_Y_What_Not_to_DoIn previous posts, we’ve shared some helpful property management tips on what you need to know about marketing to the Millennial generation. This is important since this demographic, also known as Generation Y, is growing quickly. If your organization is going to continue to realize success, it’s critical that you understand who these people are, what matters to them and how to best position your properties and your services to suit their needs and desires. That said, let’s take a different spin and examine some of the common mistakes to avoid when marketing to Millennials.

Not Focusing on Mobile 

The vast majority of Gen-Yers have mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. More importantly, they rely on these gadgets heavily to do almost all of their day to day transactions, from paying bills to shopping and, yes, to researching properties. If you’re not investing in mobile marketing yet, you’re most definitely going to miss out on future business with this younger crowd.

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Relying on Outdated Communication Techniques

A phone call or face-to-face meeting may have been what won over your previous clients, but if you’re marketing to a Millennial, keep in mind that their preferred mode of communication is more hands-off and high-tech. Email and text messaging are an essential part of the Gen-Y community, so adjust your approach based on the preferences of your target audience for best results.

Sticking to Strict Office Hours

The nature of a more mobile society is that there is a blurred line between work life and down time. Millennials live in a world where they are always connected, which may mean answering emails and finishing up work at home or while on the go, and not necessarily within the traditional 9-5 schedule. As a result, this demographic may be looking to connect with you outside of these antiquated office hours. If you’re not available, they’ll probably find someone who is.

Not Offering Online Options

Another important property management tip when it comes to Millennials is the fact that they prefer to do their business online. It’s faster, it’s more convenient and it’s simply a part of life for this generation. If you’re not currently offering options like online account access or payment portals, you can bet you’re not impressing the younger crowd. In fact, you’re probably going to lose them to a property management firm that is more up-to-date.

Simply put, if you’re not yet making changes to accommodate this growing generation of prospects, your property management business is going to get left behind. Keep these common mistakes in mind and take a look through our blog for other property management tips to ensure that your marketing approach is designed for ongoing success.


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