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Leveraging Leadership to Boost Employee Engagement in Property Management

Boost Employee Engagement in Property ManagementEmployee engagement is probably one the most important objectives of any business and property management is no exception. When employees are engaged, they’re more productive, which means a more favorable bottom line for your organization. Engaged workers are also more likely to remain with their employer, which reduces costly turnover. Did you know that good leadership can directly impact the engagement level of your personnel? Here’s how.

On an Executive Level

As with most things, successful engagement within your property management organization should start at the very top. There are three key elements of executive leadership that impact employee engagement:

  • Trust – Gaining the trust and respect of employees on every level is critical. As such, those in top leadership positions should focus on being open and transparent.
  • Communication – How do the lines of communication in your property management company work? Do ideas and information flow in both directions, or just from the top down? Multi-channel, open communication is a huge component of employee engagement.
  • Culture – The very culture of your organization should be based on a strong foundation of engagement, otherwise it won’t be sustainable.

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On the Managerial Level

Beyond executive level employees, leaders at the management level are equally important in achieving engagement from their peers as well as their direct and indirect reports. The key areas at this level include:

  • Relationships – A huge component of employee engagement is the feeling of being connected on a personal level, both to the company itself as well as to those who work there. This is why it’s so critical that those in leadership positions strive to develop and foster relationships with their employees.
  • Coaching – Leaders who are in management positions should be measured not by what they do, but by their ability to encourage, empower and help others to achieve their own goals and objectives. Good coaching can lead to a much greater level of engagement.
  • Insight – The tricky thing about employee engagement is that there is no magical formula for success. What works for one employee may not for another, and vice versa. To combat this, managers must gain insight into what the individual drivers are for each employee. Then, they can build from there.

These are the fundamentals of fostering better engagement through strong leadership. What have you done within your organization to gain more buy-in from your employees? Please share your thoughts, tips and advice in the comments below.



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