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How to Optimize Your Property Management Services Page

How to Optimize Your Property Management Services Page.pngThese days, when someone is looking for information about a business, they’ll do so almost exclusively on the internet. You’ve probably already invested in a quality website, but is it really enough to make your firm stand out amidst all the other property management companies in the area?

This takes more than just a professional design. It takes compelling copy – particularly on your services page – that will effectively capture visitors’ attention and make them want to pick up the phone or click “contact us.”

Here’s how to transform your page into the powerful lead-generating machine it’s capable of becoming.

First, figure out what your company has to offer that others don’t. You probably provide the same or very similar services as other property management companies, so what sets you apart? Perhaps it’s highly personalized service or better technology. This is your value added proposition that you’ll want to showcase in your copy.

Next, find out what things matter the most to your customers. It can be helpful to read online reviews, either of your own property management company or some of your competitors. By reading these comments from real customers, you’ll be able to more closely identify their pain points, needs and preferences. Once you have this information, you can use it to tailor your content so that it better positions your services as the ideal solution.

When developing copy, try to do so as if you were actually speaking to your prospects rather than writing. This can help to make it more conversational and therefore more personal. That way when a landlord or property owner reads about your services, he or she will feel more like you are talking directly to them. It’s also a good idea to use copy to communicate the benefits you offer your clients, rather than just describing the services. This will answer their “what’s in it for me” question and make them more likely to convert.

Avoid using industry jargon, blanket terms or vague references. Remember, your audience isn’t other property management professionals. It’s landlords, property owners and investors. Speak to your prospects in terms that they understand and that will trigger their responses. And, again, write your copy in a way that clearly communicates the benefits of working with your company.

Finally, don’t be afraid to inject a little personality and emotion into your copy. Stiff, matter-of-fact copy won’t effectively connect with your audience. Show your visitors that there are real people behind your logo. This helps to establish a relationship right from the start, which is much more likely to get people to continue through the funnel to conversion.

Is your property management website doing enough to make visitors want to get in touch? If not, it’s probably time for an overhaul. The tips above should help you transform your services page from plain to powerful in no time.

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