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How to Market Your Property Management Business Via Social Media

Creative Ways to Market Your Property Management Business Via Social MediaWe’ve talked about the importance of establishing your presence online, particularly in terms of social media. One of the main reasons why this is so crucial for those in the property management business is because social media marketing can be a powerful, free tool for getting your business and your properties found online, and also landing those quality, long-term tenants we’re all after. If you’re feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed or just aren’t getting the results you were hoping for, here are a few more creative ways you can leverage SMM to market your business and available properties.

Become a Resource

People turn to social mediato get answers, and they’re searching for someone who knows their stuff. As a property management professional, you have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field. Set up Google alerts for questions related to real estate in your geographic location. You might find these on Twitter, as well as a number of Q&A type sites (i.e. and Quora). As you post quality answers, the community as a whole will begin to see you as a trusted resource and you’ll really start carving out a name for yourself.

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Pin Your Photos on Pinterest

What’s one of the first things people who are in the market to rent a home or apartment look for? Pictures, of course. Without pictures, how will they know if they even want to take that next step and see the property? Pinterest is an excellent resource for sharing photos of your available properties. If any of your properties come with perks or amenities, such as swimming pools or fitness centers, post photos of those as well.

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Use Video Marketing

What’s better than seeing pictures of a property? Taking a video tour. Set up your own feed on YouTube and share video tours of all of your available properties (which you can then share on other social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook).

Create Separate Facebook Pages

Your current tenants are going to get tired of seeing all the pictures and information about new properties you’re marketing, and it might cause them to lose interest altogether. Create separate pages – one for current tenants, where you can share interesting content, news and other relevant information, and one for prospects, where you can heavily market your available properties without the risk of losing followers.

Look into Local Niche Sites

Most geographic locations have their own blogs or websites that are devoted exclusively to local news and information. Many people prefer these types of networks to larger, less specific ones like Facebook or Twitter because they feel they are more relevant. Do some homework and see if you can team up with some of these smaller niche sites to really reach those local prospects.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways you can leverage the social aspect of the web to get your business and your properties noticed by more people. Try putting these simple things into motion and watch as your exposure among your target audience begins to grow and you begin to reap the benefits of all of your hard work online.


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