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5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Property Management Team’s Morale

How_to_Improve_Your_Property_Management_Teams_Morale_in_5_Easy_StepsIt’s been said that a company is only as strong as the employees that work within. You may be one of the best property management firms around, but if your team is feeling overwhelmed, unrecognized and underappreciated, chances are you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the pack before you know it. So how can one effectively boost morale when it’s started to slip? It may be easier than you think, provided you apply the following strategies.

First, show employees that their work matters. When work is just a job, it’s easy to become disenchanted and uninterested. That naturally leads to lower morale and sometimes even performance problems. On the other hand, when an employee believes that his or her role has a direct impact on the overall success of your property management company, the work will become much more valued and the attitude will improve.

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Next, make sure you’re recognizing and celebrating accomplishments. One of the biggest enemies of workplace morale is focusing only on the negative. If every time your employees interact with leadership it’s due to a compliant or correction, they’ll naturally start to become worn down and frustrated. While real problems do need to be addressed, be sure to balance this out with regular recognition of a job well done.

Another important component of positive morale is making employees feel like humans instead of just numbers. Take the time to get to know your workers. Ask them about their families and hobbies. Grant them time off to do things they’re passionate about. Recognize them as people and not just paychecks. This can be challenging as your property management firm grows, so it’s important that leadership across the board understands and embraces this concept. Make it part of your company culture.

Next, encourage regular feedback and listen. If there’s a problem somewhere in your company that top leadership is not aware of, it can be left to fester and worsen, ultimately impacting morale. When employees feel comfortable, however, coming to management with their concerns and – more importantly – know that their feedback can actually make a difference, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and they’re much more likely to stick it out for the long haul.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun. The foundation of good morale should always be a little bit of fun. Just because your property management company has serious business to take care of doesn’t mean your employees can’t enjoy themselves from time to time. Balance work with the occasional down-time, like a monthly game day or quarterly outing. Not only will this help everyone let off some steam and keep stress levels down, but it’s also a great team-building opportunity.

A poor morale can derail even the most successful organization. If your team is getting a little off course, or you just think there’s room for improvement in the attitude department, putting the above strategies into action can really make a difference.

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