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How to Establish a Strong, Positive Relationship with Your Property Management Customers

cytonn-photography-n95VMLxqM2I-unsplashCongratulations! You’ve finally landed that big customer you’ve been wooing for the past several months. Now that they’ve signed on the dotted line and agreed to work with your property management company, what are you going to do to ensure that they’re with you for the long haul? Customer satisfaction is critical to ongoing success, and relationships are the key to achieving this goal. To follow are some proven steps to establishing, nurturing and maintaining strong, positive relationships with your clientele.

Make a connection right from the start

In a world where most transactions occur from behind a computer screen, finding a way to personalize your interactions with customers is essential. From lead generation to the nurturing process to ongoing customer support after the sale, make your approach as customer-centric and individualized as possible.

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Deliver exceptional service every single time

So many property management companies focus all of their efforts on reeling in new customers that they forget to invest in the other critical component – providing continuous support. Considering the fact that it can cost up to 5 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing one, this is a pretty big deal.

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Be available and approachable

How difficult is it for an existing customer to get ahold of you or whomever else he or she needs within your property management company? Do they have to spend a lot of time on hold or navigate through dozens of automated options just to reach the person they’re looking for? Making it as easy as possible to connect goes a long way toward keeping your clientele happy and loyal.

Make it about them, always

Whatever activity or task you happen to be focusing on, make sure it’s done with the goal of making your customers’ lives easier – whether it’s developing content that they find useful or providing them with convenient tools and technology to be able to access and perform what they need at the click of a button.

Be flexible

The key to any healthy relationship is the ability to see each other’s perspective and meet in the middle. Understanding that your customers have different needs, schedules and lifestyles that may not directly align with yours and being willing to be flexible to accommodate these things can go a long way toward solidifying your rapport.

Generating leads for your property management business is really only a small piece of the sales process puzzle. Effectively nurturing those leads and taking the steps necessary to establish and maintain strong, positive relationships is what will ultimately help you retain your property management clientele, achieve ongoing success and stand out as a leader amongst the competition.

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