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Eliminate Document Packaging Headaches in Property Management

Eliminate Document Packaging Headaches in Property ManagementAt Netintegrity, we’re on a mission to eliminate all those arduous tasks that take your attention away from your core property management business. We actively solicit feedback from our customers as to the roadblocks and showstoppers they come across in their daily operations. And thanks to such feedback, we’ve been able to address a big one.

Are you a condominium manager? HOA director? Nonprofit or coop manager? Or anyone who needs to report on a regular basis to owners or board members? If so, we think you’ll be extremely interested in a new module we’ve just released for our industry leading INFO-Tracker Property and Maintenance Management software solution.

It’s called the INFO-Tracker DocuGen module, and it can do much more than its name might imply.

When you’re dealing with thousands or even tens or hundreds thousands of clients, no doubt you dread those times, whether they occur every week, every month or every quarter, when you need to put together a package of documents, personalize them to each client, and send them electronically or via postal mail. Maybe it’s a Condo or HOA AGM Kit; maybe a monthly or quarterly report, but you know you’re going to spend much more time putting it all together and personalizing it than you will actually gathering the data and writing the report.

No longer.

With our new DocuGen module, you’ll be able to cut collating, packaging and personalization time literally into small fraction of time you are currently spending.

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Here’s how it works:

Instead of aggregating a cornucopia of different file types one at a time, pain-stakingly pasting and formatting them into a PDF, and finally personalizing each and every PDF to each client, a tedious process if ever there was one, DocuGen does it all for you automatically.

The resulting PDF package can incorporate data from most any source you like:

  • Word docs
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PDF and RTF files
  • INFO-Tracker modules

And many more.

But this PDF isn’t a cookie-cutter document with no individualized info. INFO-Tracker will automatically personalize each package on a client-by-client basis. Then, just email, or print and mail, and you’re done.

It’s that simple.

No need to worry about deciphering a cumbersome interface. Our streamlined approach ensures you’ll spend your time getting the job done, not wandering around in search of a particular option.

Suddenly, a process that had previously taken you hours, days and weeks might take minutes and at very most a couple of hours to complete.

Rachel Milstein works in accounting department for Whistler Resort Management & Real Estate Services company servicing over 160 condominium boards and thousands of unit owners and tenants. She had this to say about the INFO-Tracker DocuGen module: “Before, to create a package to go out for a Notice of Meeting or a Post-AGM, we had to go to different sources. We’d use a Word document, an Excel document, pdf files and stuff from INFO-Tracker … but now, with this, we’re able to merge it all into one document, and prepare that document, and send it off – right from the software. It saves a *lot* of time.”

Previously, if we had something that was specific to one owner, like a statement of accounting, and we needed to email it to the owner, we had to print off a hard copy, scan it to a local desktop, look up the owners email, and then email it to them. So in this case, it’s going to be able to just fire everything off straight from the computer with pretty much a click of a button.”

Whether you manage hundreds or tens of thousands units, we trust the possible applications of this module are clear.

Now, you can concentrate on writing your report, not packaging it.

We realize there’s nothing like a one-on-one demo that shows you specifically how this module could benefit you, so we’ve set out to give you exactly that.

We’ll get a handle on your wants and needs when it comes to package generation and custom-tailor a demo that you’ll truly appreciate. It only takes a minute.

Schedule your demo today and get ready to kiss those unproductive hours goodbye.



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