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Changes to Social Media Property Managers Need to Know About

Changes_to_Social_Media_Property_Managers_Need_to_Know_About.jpgIt’s no secret that social media can be a powerful and highly effective marketing tool for property managers. Not only does it help you connect with and engage your customers, but it can also be a valuable resource for quality lead generation. The problem is, social media is a fluid concept. These platforms are continuously changing in an attempt to improve the user experience. As a result, marketers must make appropriate modifications to their strategies. That being said, let’s examine a few of the more recent changes to the most popular social networks and what they mean to you.

Instagram has added new tools geared toward businesses

Previously, this photo and video sharing application featured limited resources for professionals. Soon, however, they will be rolling out a new dashboard with a whole host of tools, like detailed analytics, to help businesses better manage their Instagram marketing strategies.

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Twitter announces changes to its character limit

If you’ve ever used Twitter for your property management business (and hopefully you have), chances are you’ve faced more than a few challenges trying to fit everything you want to say into 140 measly characters. Traditionally, adding an image to your tweet would make this that much more difficult. Soon, however, images will no longer count toward the character count limitation, nor will @names in replies.

Facebook has incorporated live video streaming

This change is pretty awesome for property management companies who rely on video to showcase the beauty of the properties being managed. Now, instead of recording and posting your clips after the fact, you can live-stream to your fans right on Facebook. Once the video is complete, it will remain stored and can be viewed again at any point.

Additionally, businesses using Facebook can now take advantage of more hyper-targeted marketing features. For instance, instead of just posting an update and hoping it reaches the portion of your audience it’s intended for, now you can target specific audiences with each post. This is of particular value to property managers who need to market offerings in different geographical locations or to various demographics.

If there’s one thing that stays constant when it comes to social media it’s change. That may seem paradoxical to some degree, but when you think about it, given the personal, human nature of social networking, it’s really only natural to expect evolution over time. By staying abreast of these changes, you’ll be better able to prepare ahead and hone your SMM strategy to position your property management company at the head of the pack, year after year.


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