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7 Steps to Build a Successful Property Management Team

7StepstoBuildaSuccessfulPropertyManagementTeamIt’s no secret that behind most successful organizations there is at least one team of qualified, dedicated individuals who are working together toward shared strategic goals. It’s no different in the property management field. Your business will only be as successful as the employees you have driving it, so it’s absolutely critical that you invest time and effort into building a strong, cohesive team. That said, let’s take a look at 7 steps that you can employ today to ensure success in this area.

Measure competence

It goes without saying that the people you choose for your team should all possess the appropriate skill sets to effectively participate, but it’s still one of the most important steps so it’s worth mentioning. Make sure that you’re choosing the right people with the right knowledge, experience and abilities to contribute individually and also work well with one another.

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Set clear expectations

Your team cannot effectively work toward the goals of your organization unless they fully understand what’s expected of them. Upper management should identify objectives and develop strategies for achieving these goals. This information must then be clearly communicated to team members. Each member should further understand what his or her specific role will be in working toward the targeted objectives.


Oftentimes it’s difficult to effectively portray the importance each team member has in terms of the success of the company overall. This is especially true for larger property management organizations. That’s why it’s so critical to help each team member, and each group collectively, understand what impact their work has on the big picture. When people are empowered and feel as though their input makes a difference, they’re more likely to take ownership and give it their all.

Establish commitment

Make sure all team members are equally committed to achieving the goals and overall mission they’ve been tasked with accomplishing. Let them know they will be appropriately recognized for their efforts and demonstrate to them how their participation will further advance their skills and their careers.

Promote collaboration

Being part of a team means working together to solve problems as they arise. How your team collaborates can mean the difference between ongoing success and utter failure. Be sure to promote team interaction and foster communication amongst members. Encourage and reward idea sharing. Most importantly, let team members know that they can feel comfortable expressing their thoughts without the worry of criticism or retribution.

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Create accountability

When your team members committed to completing their tasks, either individually or collectively, they inevitably agreed to be held accountable for doing what was expected of them. They should be aware that there are consequences, both positive and negative, based on their performance and participation. Rewards and recognition should be offered for a job well done, while those who aren’t measuring up should be addressed accordingly.

Provide ongoing support

Finally, although perhaps most importantly, you must provide your team (or teams) with the ongoing support they need to be successful. Give feedback, keep the lines of communication open, offer transparency and be there when your team needs you. Ask what your employees need to do their jobs better and do what you can to make those things happen. The result will be a happier, more productive teams who will in turn drive the ongoing success of your organization.


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