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6 Tips for Mentoring Younger Property Management Employees

6_Tips_for_Mentoring_Younger_Property_Management_Employees.jpgWith Millennials currently holding strong as the largest portion of today’s workforce and Generation Z hot on their trail, the concept of mentoring younger workers has never been more important. Not only is it good for your property management organization in the present, but it’s also a critical part of business continuity planning. If you want your company to thrive many years into the future, you have to arm your younger employees with the tools they need to succeed. That being said, here are 6 tips for nurturing and preparing the younger workforce.

Set clear and realistic expectations

If you want your younger employees to perform at their best, make sure they understand exactly what’s expected of them at all times. Set clear expectations right from the start and keep the lines of communication open. Be honest about the culture of your property management company and help the younger generation figure out how and where they fit into the big picture.

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Provide ample opportunity for collaboration

The younger people entering the workforce today may have already learned how to work in teams while they were in college, but what they probably haven’t been prepared for is working with colleagues of other generations. Each group brings their own unique strengths and values to the table, but those benefits won’t be realized if everyone doesn’t learn to work together. Create plenty of opportunity for collaboration, particularly amongst team members of different ages and demographics. Trust us – the diversity that comes as a result will drive your property management organization to the next level.

Communicate openly, honestly and frequently

Regardless of the generation you come from, good communication is a critical component of a strong, positive and productive work environment. Equally important is honesty. If you want your older workers and others in leadership positions to help younger employees grow, improve and thrive, you have to facilitate two-way communication. In fact, you have to make this type of transparency a part of your very company culture.

Provide regular feedback

One of the main things that sets younger workers apart from their older colleagues is their desire to receive ongoing feedback. Whereas a worker from the Baby Boomer generation might be perfectly fine with an annual performance review, Millennials and those from Gen Z indicate that real-time and regular feedback is extremely important to helping them excel at their jobs. So, don’t wait! Provide immediate praise and coaching and let them know how they’re doing on a regular basis.

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Help them learn, develop and grow

Workers from younger generations list having a clear career path as one of the things they value the most in an employer. Challenge your younger employees by giving them diverse tasks and projects, and letting them know what additional opportunities might be available to them in the future. Sitting down with team members and mapping out the individual desired career path for each of them can help them stay focused and on the right track to success. It can also improve your retention rate.

Design an office space that embodies these things

Last but not least, the very environment of your property management office might need an overhaul. Experts in modern workplace design recommend creating a space that offers the ability to both collaborate and concentrate, as needed based on the task at hand. For instance, a more open floor plan in lieu of cubicles can encourage employees to work better together while designated quiet areas – like individual offices or meeting rooms – provide the ability to break away and focus without interruption.

Mentoring and nurturing younger employees today will do wonders for your property management organization by ensuring that team members have what they need to do their jobs most effectively. More importantly, by taking the extra time and effort to invest in the younger generation at work, you’ll effectively be investing in and developing the leadership of your company’s future.

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