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6 Facebook Tips for Property Management Professionals

6 Facebook Tips for Property Management ProfessionalsA while back, we covered some helpful ways to optimize your property management Facebook page. Hopefully if you’ve implemented those tips, you’re up and running and are ready to really make the most out of this powerful social media platform. So, where do you begin? Here are 6 tips to help you really maximize your Facebook presence to gain even more exposure for your organization and attract more clients as a result.

Maximize Your Cover Photo

The new Facebook layout allows users to display a photo across the top of their page. Make the most out of this feature by using a compelling and attractive picture of one of your properties to really catch the eye of visitors and encourage them to get to know your company better.

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Keep it Social

It’s important to remember the purpose behind sites like Facebook. They don’t call them “social” for nothing. Keep your interactions warm and engaging, and don’t use your page as an advertising forum. Think of Facebook as a way to reach out and interact with those people you would normally be unable to connect with while sitting behind your desk, running your business. Your fans will appreciate the personal touch and attention you provide and will be more likely to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Make “Liking” Your Page Worth Their While

Everybody loves a free giveaway, right? Why not use this basic concept to entice more people to “like” your property management Facebook page? It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything spectacular or expensive, but if you make it worth people’s while to join your online community, you’ll have a much higher response rate. More “likes” equal more prospects and more people to engage with on a regular basis, increasing your brand awareness.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

We touched on this in our recent post about driving more traffic to your property management blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. The beauty of social media is how intertwined each online platform can become, essentially building off each other for optimum results. Be sure you’re using your Facebook page to draw visitors to your website by sharing blog posts and other links to your site that are relevant and helpful to your audience.

Tie Social Events to Facebook

Plan a community or networking event and then use your Facebook page to promote it, gather feedback and gain exposure. Facebook has a really easy “event” application that allows you to invite people within your network and even lets those people to invite their own friends, family and colleagues. Following the event, use Facebook to share pictures and tag your followers for even more brand exposure!

Promote Your Page Offline

Traffic to your Facebook page can come from places other than the web. Include your Facebook info on all of your printed marketing materials as well to get the word out and entice more “likes” for your page.

Keeping your property management organization competitive in today’s market involves establishing, monitoring and optimizing an online presence. Facebook should be a large component of your web marketing strategy. By implementing the tips provided above, you can further increase brand exposure and truly maximize your Facebook page for best results.

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