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5 Simple Home Makeovers for Your Rental Properties

5-Simple-Home-Makeovers-for-your-Rental-PropertiesMost people list one of the biggest downsides of renting vs. owning a home as the inability to do any major renovations. While you certainly don’t want your tenants making any major changes to your rental properties (without your permission), there are some simple things that can really freshen up the look of a place without having to do any significant modifications. If you’ve got some tenants you can trust that might enjoy sprucing up their unit a bit, here are a few suggestions you can offer (and feel comfortable about).

Change Paint

Provided you have the final say on color, if your tenants are willing to do the work, why not let them make some minor changes to paint color throughout the unit? Sometimes a simple change from boring off-white to a pale yellow can be enough to breathe new life into a room and give it a whole new feel.

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Change Fixtures

Again, with your approval, changing the fixtures on the cabinetry and closets throughout the home can vastly improve the overall look of things. As a bonus, fixtures don’t have to be extremely costly either, so a little investment can go a long way toward keeping your long-term renters happy.

Accent Rugs

Replacing entire carpets or putting new ones in where there weren’t any previously can cost an arm and a leg. One easy yet effective compromise is to place throw rugs or area rugs in various places throughout the home, such as under the dining room table. This allows your residents to add their own personal touch without making any permanent changes to the unit.

Light Fixtures

The lights you’ve chosen for your rental unit may not really match the taste of your tenants, so since they’re easy enough to change, this might be an area where you want to consider making some simple modifications. Have your renters share their preferences and then switch out the old lighting for new ones that are more up their ally.

Art and Other Accents

Hanging artwork and adding other simple touches, like bright throw pillows and colorful curtains can really pull a room together and make it much more personal. The best part about this type of decorating is that it doesn’t actually change the unit, other than a few holes in the wall for hanging.

There are plenty of options that allow your tenants to really make their space their own without causing any major damage or significant changes to the unit itself. If you’ve got a resident that you trust, encourage them to come to you with ideas and suggestions. You may just find some extra compromises that you’ll both be happy with.

What types of changes do you allow your renters to do to your properties?


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