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5 Essential Communication Skills for a Successful C-Suite

5 Essential Communication Skills for a Successful C-Suite-1.pngChances are your communication skills contributed to your climb up the corporate ladder, but now that you’ve officially carved out your own place within the property management C-Suite, you’ve got a whole new set of communication skills to master. Being successful at the executive level requires the ability to encourage open, honest dialogue, reduce confusion and conflict, facilitate collaboration and maintain transparency. The five tips below will help you develop the skills necessary to be highly effective in your role.

Watch the jargon

When you’re working at the executive level, you’ll need to interact with people from varying departments and skill levels. For instance, you may be required to run a presentation, deliver a company-wide update or make an announcement to the public. To avoid confusion, try to keep property management jargon at a minimum (or skip it altogether, if possible). Instead, opt for language that’s neutral and that everyone can understand.

Determine what your fellow executives value most

It’s not only important to master communication with employees or the general public. To keep the C-Suite operating smoothly, it’s equally important that you learn how to interact with your colleagues. By taking the time to learn what matters most to each leader, you’ll be better able to explain your point of view and present new ideas.

Know your audience

Each department within your property management company has its own subculture, goals and individual personalities. It’s important to take note of these differences when you are planning to interact with team members in those areas. For example, your sales department may be extremely high-energy. Adapting your communication approach to match that level of energy can help you to make a stronger impact with whatever message you’re conveying.

Go beyond listening

Obviously, listening is a critical component of good communication, but when you reach the executive level, you’ll need to take things a few steps further. As a leader, your property management team will look to you not only as someone who can hear them out and consider their concerns, but also take the steps necessary to resolve those issues. This requires more digging to gain a deeper understanding of the situation at hand and advocating for your own opinion.

Prepare and practice important messages

C-level executives are often tasked with delivering messages to larger audiences, whether it’s to the entire company or the media. The way those messages are delivered can have a direct impact on your property management company’s reputation. As such, any important communication should be carefully planned and practiced for in advance. Videotaping yourself can help you adjust your tone, body language and pace so that when it comes time to present live, you’ll be well prepared.

You may be outstanding at your particular role, but without adequate communication skills, you simply won’t be as effective as you possibly could be. The tips above are designed to help you hone your executive communication skills, help you thrive in the C-Suite and ultimately place your property management company in a better position for future success. 

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