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4 Ways to Boost Your Property Management Competitive Advantage

4 Ways to Boost Your Property Management Competitive AdvantageWhether your property management business is wildly successful or seems to be falling behind, there are certain areas that you should periodically look at and assess to see if it may be time for an upgrade. Our industry is incredibly competitive, and in order to get to the top – and more importantly, to stay there – we need to be absolutely certain that every tool at our disposal is being used to its fullest potential. If you haven’t conducted an internal audit lately, here are 4 areas that may need sprucing up in order for you to achieve the best possible results.


These days, your online presence is just as important as your offline reputation. If prospective customers can’t find you on the web, you’re most certainly missing out. But, as we’ve discussed here several times, simply having a website isn’t enough to attract people to your business. You need to make sure that your site is up to date, aesthetically pleasing, informative and easy to navigate. This means regularly going through and making any updates or changes that may be necessary to really make your web presence stand out.

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Online Options

With more and more people using the internet to get things done, it’s critical that your property management business stay on top of these trends by offering as many online options as possible. For instance, leveraging software that provides an online portal for things like rental payments, reports and ledgers can make doing business with your company much more convenient, therefore much more favorable for your clients.


The most important part of your website should be your property management blog. This is what will get you found most effectively on the web, but only if you are diligent about updating it with fresh, relevant and useful content on a regular basis (i.e. at least once a week). Do some research online to see what topics seem to be the most popular and start writing. Make your blog posts interesting, entertaining, informative and keyword rich so that not only will you draw people in, but you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Electronic Maintenance Requests

Keeping your properties safe and running smoothly involves a ton of upkeep. But staying on top of incoming maintenance requests can be challenging, especially when you have a large number of properties to manage. Streamline this process by implementing property management software that provides for online management of incoming maintenance requests. That way you’ll know that all of your properties will be kept in excellent shape, your tenants and clients will be happier, and nothing will fall through the cracks.

Establishing competitive advantage in any business involves regular assessment of internal and external tools to ensure that everything available is being utilized to its fullest potential. This is especially true in the property management industry. By staying on top of these four things, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your organization to the top of the list, and keeping it there!


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