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4 Tips for Using Video for Your Property Management Business

4 Tips for Using Video for Your Property Management BusinessIn today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that the internet has become the source of choice for locating properties to rent, lease or purchase. One of the most powerful tools to maximize your use of the web in marketing your properties is video. If you’re not yet leveraging this marketing gold for your property management business, it’s never too late to start. Here are 4 tips to help get you on the right track.

Stage and Story

Unlike photographs, which capture one area of your property, video provides the opportunity to capture the full essence of what you have to offer. Stage your property first to make it look lived in and welcoming. Then, tell the story while filming. Explain what each room has to offer, along with other important selling points. The more you demonstrate to your audience how great your property is, the more calls, emails and completed applications you’ll get.

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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a production crew, but a quality video camera and a good production plan are a must if you’re going to really optimize your video use. Think about it. Your video will be the first impression your prospects get of your business and your properties. Do you really want that first impression to be a grainy, low quality cell phone video? Invest in your video marketing and it will pay off.

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Online Description

How you describe your video online will make a difference in how it’s found and whether people actually take the time to watch. Use powerful, attention grabbing headlines and property descriptions and don’t forget to pepper your content with appropriate keywords. This will improve the chances of your video coming up higher in the search results, and a quality description will help ensure that those who do find your video will actually click “play”.


Once you’ve got your video completed, the final step is getting it into the hands of your target audience. There are tons of ways you can distribute video, including email, social media, blog posts and real estate listing sites. Don’t forget about your off-line opportunities as well. Burn the video to a disc and hand it out. Another creative idea is to use a QR code, which you can include in both offline and online marketing activities. When a prospect scans the code, the video will automatically play on their smartphone or mobile device. Easy and convenient!

These four simple things will have you producing, distributing and maximizing your videos like a pro. What tips and tricks do you have for video marketing that we haven’t mentioned here? Please share!

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