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4 Common Misconceptions about Property Management Software

4 Common Misconceptions about Property Management SoftwareGiven the web-based nature of today’s society, turning to technology for personal and business use just seems like the natural thing to do. For the property management industry, having a software solution in place can do wonders – from improving productivity to providing competitive advantage.

Yet, there are still those in the industry who are holding out based on a number of myths and misconceptions. We’d like to take a moment and debunk a few of these common untruths about property management software.

Misconception #1: It’s too expensive.

What many property management professionals don’t realize is that there are plenty of products available that are designed to suit any budget. That means that you can get all the features and benefits you need to run your business more efficiently without having to break the bank. What’s more, because property and maintenance management software does things like automate manual tasks and streamline workflow processes, it can actually save your organization money in the long run. So really, what it all boils down to is that it’s not an expense – it’s an investment.

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Misconception #2: It’s too complicated.

For hands-on property managers who are used to being out in the field and involved in the day to day work of our busy industry, technology can seem overwhelming. The good news is because the purpose of a quality property management software solution is to make the jobs of busy property management professionals easier, it is inherently user-friendly. Additionally, as long as you choose a company that offers ongoing training and superior product support, you will never have to worry about those questions that pop up following implementation.

Misconception #3: It will eliminate my job.

Property and maintenance management software isn’t meant to replace hard working professionals, but rather to make their jobs easier so that they can work smarter. Rather than eliminating staff, the right software solution can better streamline operations so that the business can continue to grow and expand. Think about it – when you rid yourself and your team of time consuming repetitive activities, you just might find yourself with the capacity to take on additional properties, thereby improving your organization’s bottom line.

Misconception #4: I can do my job better without it.

Certainly nobody knows the nuances of our fast-paced industry better than a seasoned property management professional. Software doesn’t seek to replace this knowledge and expertise – in fact, it cannot. Rather, property management software is designed to enhance these skills and provide a more efficient, productive work environment. When you let technology do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate labor-intensive, manual tasks, you are freed up to focus on more important areas of your business. While you can certainly continue to do your job without it, property management software can help you do that job better.

These days there are plenty of myths and misconceptions floating around that have property management professionals on the fence about software. The fact is these myths may very well be costing your organization money. Contrary to what these misconceptions indicate, the right property and maintenance management software can provide an affordable, user-friendly solution that will help your team do their jobs better.

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Find out how technology can make life easier for your customers, your staff, and YOU! Download a free copy of The Property Manager’s Guide to Technology in the Management Office.

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