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Property Managers: Stay on Top of Your Roofing!

roof_repairRoofing is one of those assets in property management that sometimes gets overlooked because it isn’t really a problem until it becomes a problem. And then it’s a huge problem!

Imagine that the roof at one of your properties begins to leak unexpectedly. Not only do you have to shell out the cash for temporary repairs, but there’s also the cost of damage to tenant satisfaction and the reputation of your property management company and services. And if leaks are recurring, then you are faced with an extensive repair or replacement project that you likely didn’t budget for.

That’s why it’s imperative to know the current condition of the roofing for each and every one of your properties. Then you can develop a solid plan and have the appropriate budget in place for ongoing maintenance and long term replacement when that day comes.

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It’s best practice for property managers to hire a roofing consultant to manage this important asset at all stages of its lifecycle. While a roofing consultant may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, there are several ways that the expertise of such a person can save you money and headaches in the long run.

A roofing consultant will provide a detailed report on the current condition of the asset and develop a plan to upkeep the existing roof, which will extend its life for as long as possible — which is beneficial to both the environment and your budget.

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The consultant will work with your management team to determine the budget required for ongoing maintenance and long-term replacement. This will give you the time necessary to build the funds required for this expenditure.

A roofing consultant can assist you with hiring qualified roofing contractors, so that you don’t have to spend the time research companies and getting referrals or quotes — and you can feel more confident that you won’t get taken advantage of or receive sub par workmanship.

If you do choose to work directly with a roofing contractor you may be at the mercy of someone who is providing solutions that suit their own interests. On the other hand a consultant will be more objective about providing the best solution to serve your needs and budget. This may include a salvage of some components or resurfacing to extend the life of your roof to benefit both the environment and your budget.

Finally, remember that almost nothing comes for free. There are roof system manufactures who provide “free” consultation. However, a healthy dose of scepticism leads us to believe that they will propose the solutions that turn the highest profit for them.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you proactively spend a little money to hire an unbiased professional — one who will work to save you money and help you keep a dry roof over everyone’s head.


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