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Property Managers: Make Dispute Resolution Quick and Painless

keep-calm-and-document-everythingHave you ever been engaged in a dispute with someone (either work-related or personal) who flat out denies that they said or did something, when you are 100% certain that they did? How frustrating is that?

And how many times in those situations have you said either to yourself or out loud I wish I had a recording!” 

Don’t just wish for it, make it happen!

A comprehensive property management platform like INFO-Tracker™ Accounting, Maintenance and Property Management software makes it easy to create searchable records of all correspondence and communications that occur between your property management staff, customers and vendors.

All documents generated within INFO-Tracker™ are automatically saved in the CRM module and made available for quick future reference. This gives you a great start.

But what about all the emails, phone calls and in-person interactions between your property managers and your tenants, owners, investors, board members and vendors? Are those being documented?

INFO-Tracker™ provides the capability to document the events of each and every point of contact, organized by category. However we know that it may be somewhat of a challenge to convince your staff of the significant benefits associated with keeping accurate records.

We fully understand that the majority of people believe it’s too time-consuming, or that they may not have immediate access to document events as they occur onsite or out in the field.

But carefully consider how much time and money is wasted trying to resolve issues and disputes for which there is little or no documentation.

Not only does comprehensive documentation assist with quick and painless conflict resolution, but it allows you to identify patterns and spot molehill issues that you can proactively address before they become mountains — thus improving customer service and ultimately saving your organization money.

Taking this into consideration, you can’t afford not to document everything!

So how do you convince your staff that diligent record-keeping will make their lives easier AND get them into the routine of doing so? That’s the tricky part!

Since it takes 21 days to form a habit, one suggestion we have is to create a fun 21 day documentation challenge with an incentive, such as a Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card, to be rewarded for successfully completing the challenge.

Doesn’t everyone love coffee and proving that they are right?


The SiteLink™ module of INFO-Tracker™ offers the same documentation and search capabilities as the industry-leading INFO-Tracker™ property management platform.

However, being that SiteLink™ is a web-based, mobile-ready extension of INFO-Tracker™, it enables property managers to document all interactions with stakeholders immediately after they happen, from wherever they may be — while the facts are still fresh in their minds.

INFO-Tracker™ and SiteLink™ are also fully integrated. That means any information documented remotely by property managers using SiteLink™, automatically flows into the INFO-Tracker™ CRM module.

The result is complete and instant access to all communications, interactions and transactions, portfolio-wide.

Find out more about INFO-Tracker™ Accounting, Maintenance and Property Management Software.


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