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5 Property Manager Tips for a Successful Halloween

ben-lei-qxh_Np1A_fg-unsplashHalloween is one of the busiest nights of the year. Children, adults, and everyone in between will be up to something.

Here are strategies property managers can use to be well prepared and set the groundwork for a successful Halloween.


Encourage Safe Trick or Treating 

Do a walk-through of your property a few days in advance of Halloween to check for potential hazards. It’s important to make sure common areas are well lit and hallways are clear. Have centrally located First Aid kits and ensure they are restocked.  

For more larger housing complexes, it may be in your best interest to have someone who is trained in First Aid available through the night.

Prepare for Parties

Halloween is a time for fun and celebration which means that there will likely be parties. While gathering with friends is nothing to condemn. Remind residents of policies regarding open alcohol, and illicit drugs.

To avoid an increase in phone calls and complaints. It’s important to reinforce noise regulations and guest limitations before Halloween to encourage residents to self-regulate.

Send Out Notices

Get ahead of any misunderstanding by sending notices out reminding everyone of the rules. Have a clear trick-or-treating policy and indicate whether visitors are allowed. Remind residents not to let strangers into housing complexes.

In your notices it’s important not to forget that this time of year, families love to carve Jack O’ Lanterns. Remind residents about your policies regarding candles and offer alternatives to candles like glow sticks, battery operated lights, or flameless candles.

Secure Vacant Units

Halloween is fun for the most part, but sometimes Halloween invites trouble like vandalism and breaking and entering. To keep your units safe from vandals and thieves make sure all unoccupied units are locked and protected with cameras and alarms. Automatic lights are also an effective deterrent because they make onlookers think that those units are occupied.

Keep Pets Inside

Your residents may insist that their pet is perfectly behaved and already in costume but it’s safer they keep their pets inside. Pets and children are both easily spooked and when everyone is in costume and on the move, it can make for a chaotic situation that is best to outright avoid.


By making your expectations clear to residents and making safety your number one priority, you will have a successful Halloween. Don’t forget that Halloween is a time for community and you, property manager, are a huge part of your community. When everything is in order, don’t be afraid to join in the festivities and let everyone know who you are.

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