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Property Management Leadership Tips: Delivering Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

Property_Management_Leadership_Tips_Delivering_Negative_Feedback_in_a_Positive_Way.jpgAs anyone in a leadership role knows, there are inevitably going to be times when an employee must be addressed for something he or she is doing incorrectly. Whether it’s a logistical mistake or a problem with attitude and overall work ethic, delivering this type of feedback is a necessary part of correcting the situation. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In most cases, CEOs and others in key leadership positions care about their employees and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If you’re struggling with how to deliver negative feedback in a way that will net positive results for your property management company, here are a few pointers.

Build and nurture positive relationships from the start

It’s much easier to receive negative feedback from someone you know and trust than a person you rarely interact with, so focus on developing relationships with each of your employees right from the get-go. When you make a point to regularly share positive feedback, the occasional negative comment will be easier to swallow.

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Don’t put it off

Nobody wants to deliver bad news, but putting off the opportunity to coach someone will only make things worse. If you notice a problem with one of your employees, address it right away, before it has a chance to develop and worsen. The sooner you get it out in the open, the sooner you can get things back on the right track.

Never make it personal

Be mindful of how you word your feedback so that it can’t be mistakenly perceived as a personal attack. That will only trigger defensiveness and breed resentment, neither of which is healthy for your organization. Instead, focus on the heart of the issue and keep comments as neutral as possible.

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Balance the bad with the good

Providing authentic positive feedback while bringing up the negative can help soften the blow and make the situation less charged. For instance, if you have an employee that is consistently producing reports that contain grammatical or punctuation errors, letting them know that you are confident in their ability to quickly and effectively correct the problem rather than just pointing out their mistakes can put a more positive spin on things.

Be reciprocal

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Your property management employees aren’t the only ones capable of making mistakes or coming across the wrong way. If you are to grow and continue to improve as a manager, you must also be willing to take constructive criticism and negative feedback yourself. Be open and encourage others to share their thoughts about you. It will make you a better leader and also go a long way toward developing and strengthening those ever-important relationships with your employees.

Delivering negative feedback is never easy, but it’s a necessary evil of being in a leadership role. How you approach these moments can define whether the outcome is positive and productive or whether you’ll end up with more problems than you originally started with.

Have you mastered the art of providing feedback to your employees? What tips, tricks and advice can you share with others? Please comment below.{{cta(‘b25e0359-befd-456a-95bf-685a8d134232′,’justifyright’)}}

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