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Property Management: 6 Tips for Better Social Media Engagement

Property_Management_6_Tips_for_Better_Social_Media_EngagementThese days, businesses of every shape, size and industry must include social media as part of their overall marketing plan, including those in the property management field. Otherwise, they’ll most certainly get left behind. The problem is, just posting on Facebook, sending out tweets, sharing on LinkedIn or pinning pictures on Pinterest simply isn’t enough to get the results you’re after. What it all boils down to is engagement, or how much your audience interacts with your brand. If your efforts are lacking, here are 6 pointers that might help to get you back on track.

Be active, but not too active

There’s a fine line between being an active presence on social media and overdoing it. One of the biggest reasons consumers will unfollow a brand is if they post too much. Another is too much self-promotion. To avoid this, share relevant content a few times a day and vary between your own content and that of others.

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Play on the power of visual

Did you know that the human brain translates images hundreds of thousands of times faster than the written word? That’s probably one of the many reasons that social media posts containing images get more engagement. Whenever possible, try to include a photo, video or other visual element with your updates.

Make it easy for people to share your content

If you want your audience to not only engage with but also share your content with their own networks, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Include social share buttons on all content you share, including blog posts, pictures, infographics and more. The easier it is to click and share, the more likely you’ll get better engagement.

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Interact with your fans and followers

Don’t just assume they’ll interact with one another. Take an active role in your property management brand’s social media presence. After all, it’s called “social” for a reason. Ask questions, respond to comments, answer inquiries and participate in discussions. The more you engage with your audience, the more they’ll reciprocate.

Time your posts right

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do social media for your property management company, and part of getting it right is timing your posts so that they’ll reach the greatest number of people at the right time. There’s somewhat of an art and a science to this. In fact, much research has been conducted, and here’s what was discovered. Take the time to look into what days/times your posts would perform best and develop a strategy around that.

Ask for feedback and use it

Sometimes the best way to know what type of content your audience wants is to come right out and ask them. Let your fans and followers help you hone your strategy to improve the chances of your content being consumed and shared. You might be surprised at how easy it can be if you know exactly what your clients and prospects want ahead of time.

The goal of social media is to increase brand recognition and get more leads for your property management firm. The only way you’ll accomplish this is by crafting a strategy that is designed to get you optimum results. Consider applying the tips above to your plan and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


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