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Is Your Property Management Staff Doing the Job You Hired Them To Do?

is_your_property_management_staff_doing_the_jobWe suspect that when you hired the talented people on your property management team, you selected them over other candidates based on qualities like:

  industry experience
  exceptional people skills
  ability to solve problems
  passion for property management

However, if you’re not using a fully automated and mobile-ready property management platform like INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™, their talents may be going to waste.

WHY? Because without automated best practice procedures in place, your property managers are likely to be bogged down by time-consuming repetitive tasks and impeded by the lack of quick access to accurate up-to-date information.

Over time this can have a detrimental impact on employee engagement and their motivation to go above and beyond for the company, its customers and for their own personal gratification. The good news is, in most cases, all it takes to remedy this situation is having access to the right tools for the job.

Following are 4 common property management tasks, with a comparison of what it takes to complete each one in a fragmented manual environment versus a fully integrated, automated and mobile environment.


What’s the impact of fragmented manual processes on your property managers and your customers?

Frazzled property managers spend much of their day entering data, searching for information, waiting on answers and sorting out mix-ups. This can leave them feeling ineffective, unfulfilled and defeated.

Unsatisfied customers feel as though they have been forgotten or ignored as they wait for property managers to get back to them. They feel frustrated and insignificant when they perceive they’re being given the run around or when their requests fall through the cracks.

What’s life like with fully integrated and automated INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™?

digital_manager.jpgMotivated property managers have all the tools they need to assist customers quickly and efficiently. Their days go much smoother and they get more done, creating a positive mindset and the time needed to proactively consider how processes and customer experience can be improved even further.

“INFO-Tracker™ has eliminated all of the redundant and menial-type work that people had to do. So I think that would be rather satisfying, because now they can focus their skills on dealing with issues that are a little more sophisticated.”
— Joe Metlege, Vice President, Templeton Properties

Happy customers self-serve at their own convenience; and if they do require personal assistance, responses from property managers and frontline staff are quick, helpful and friendly.

The examples of how INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™ empowers your Property Managers to do the job you hired them to do are virtually endless.

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