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INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software SUPER-USER Spotlight

INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software SUPER-USER SpotlightWe continually receive amazing feedback from our customers, who tell us; how much time their employees save with INFO-Tracker™, or that they are able to provide better customer service, or that they have been able to increase their portfolio size with the same number of staff.

Of course we are thrilled to hear that our customers are experiencing great success with INFO-Tracker™ — that’s why we do what we do. But we also realize that much of the credit belongs to the people on the frontline — the ones who use INFO-Tracker™ every day.

So we’ve asked some of our clients to nominate their INFO-Tracker™ Super-User — a member of their staff who makes exceptional use of INFO-Tracker’s features and functions to benefit the organization.

Congratulations to the INFO-Tracker Super-User of July 2015!

chocolate_ice_creamRita Lau

Position: Property Accountant

Company: DCRI
(DEL Condominium Rentals Inc.)

INFO-Tracker™ User Since: 2007

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Chocolate

Company Background

Del Condominium Rentals Inc. specializes in comprehensive rental property and tenant management services. In addition to providing a hassle-free and “ultimate living experience” for tenants, the company provides its owner-investor clients with specially designed services (including lease, accounting, tenant screening, repairs, inspections and compliance enforcement services) to help streamline the day-to-day management concerns related to being a landlord.

Rita’s Role

Rita’s role as Property Accountant is essentially the nucleus of DCRI’s business operations, as she is responsible for the set up of all owner and tenant accounts when they join the program. Plus when tenants terminate their lease and vacate, she’s the one who facilitates the cut off and all of the procedures associated with the move out. During the span of time between the bookend events of move in and move out, Rita handles the disbursement of monthly revenue to owners and the collection of rent from the tenants of approximately 1,700 units.

How INFO-Tracker™ Helps

When we asked Rita about her experience with INFO-Tracker™, she told us that it helps her a lot and saves a significant amount of time, because the system automatically performs batch processes and error-free calculations with the click of one button. She described how the following features make her job much easier now, in comparison to her experience with the previous property management and accounting software that DCRI had in place.

Calculation of last month interest
“INFO-Tracker™ performs perfect calculation for interest on the last month of rent that gets paid out to tenants when the lease is terminated.” Rita said. She adds “Before we used this system we used Yardi, and for the last month interest we had to calculate in each case manually, one by one. But with INFO-Tracker™ the system can calculate exactly the same as we would, with the click of one button — so it helps us a lot.”

Owner refund batch
Rita explained that “with Yardi, each month we had to calculate the revenue for owners and transfer it to their account one by one. Now with INFO-Tracker™, the system performs all calculations automatically and a single EFT file is sent to the bank for processing.”

Pre-authorized payments
Since implementing INFO-Tracker™, Rita told us that DCRI has also set up PAP for tenants, allowing the system to automatically calculate and withdraw the amount due every month, directly from each tenant’s account. This automation saves the countless administration hours that are typically involved in collecting rent by cash or check, and helps to greatly reduce the frequency of late payments.

Although Rita’s use of INFO-Tracker™ is solely within the accounting department, the end-to-end integration of the system across all departments of the organization means that other users with role-based permissions can access the same data that Rita is working with, to promptly respond to customer inquiries and generate reports that provide operational insights and real business intelligence.

Amanda Yau, Accounting Manager at DCRI, stated on a separate occasion; “With this software we now have greater control over all processes and the solution provides us with greater insight, not just within the accounting department but across the entire organization as well. INFO-Tracker™ automatically helps us to make better and informed business decisions.”

Thank you to Rita Lau and the entire DCRI team, for continuing to make exceptional use of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software.

tay tuned to meet the next INFO-Tracker™ Super-User!

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