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How to Market to Property Owners – 5 Creative Ideas

How to Market to Property Owners – 5 Creative IdeasAs a property manager, one of your biggest goals is growth, and one of the best ways to achieve that objective is to find new clients. Of course, this is often much easier said than done, especially if you’ve been in the business for a while. Creative marketing can help position your brand in front of more prospects, improving the chances of converting them to paying customers. And if you do it correctly, it can also help differentiate your company from the competition. But how? Here are a few innovative ideas to get you started.

Use content to become a valuable resource.

Using content to establish yourself as an authority in the property management industry isn’t just a great way to attract the attention of your prospects. It’s also a powerful component of search engine optimization. The more helpful material you produce and share, the higher Google will rank your site, which means it will be seen by a larger audience.

If you’re not doing so already, begin by regularly producing blog posts that answer your customers’ questions and address their pain points. From there, you can expand to other types of content, such as eBooks, infographics and videos.

And remember – this part isn’t about overt selling. Instead, the goal should be to provide information people need and establish trust amongst your audience. You can connect the dots to demonstrate why hiring a property manager will solve their problems, but only where it occurs naturally.

Be forthcoming on your website.

Not everyone will pick up the phone and start making calls when they need a property manager. Instead, most will likely spend time online, researching what their options are and narrowing their choices accordingly. To improve your odds of making the shortlist, make sure your website has all the information a prospect will need, including the services you offer, tools you use and contact details.

Don’t be afraid to be transparent in your pricing, either. It can feel uncomfortable to list cost information for all to see, but doing so can actually pay off in the long run. Will some visitors balk and move on once they see your prices? Sure. But do you really want clients who will nickel and dime you anyway? Transparency can help you weed out unqualified leads so you don’t waste your time.

Leverage local SEO to get found online.

When prospects in your area are in need of property management services, they’ll usually head to Google to search for someone local. That’s why it’s imperative that your website is infused with geographical keywords.

In other words, rather than just using the term “property manager,” you should also include the state, city/town or other locality as well. For instance: “property manager Dallas” or “North Denver property management.” Pepper your content with these keyphrases for optimal results.

Make connections with other local businesses.

You aren’t the only business in your local area that is looking for more leads. Why not partner up with a nearby business that is complementary to yours and share the wealth? This will provide you access to a much larger pool of potential prospects without having to do much, if any, extra work.

For example, you might affiliate with a local realtor with whom you can exchange leads and referrals. When one of your clients mentions the desire to buy additional property, you’ll have a realtor to recommend. Likewise, when someone works with your realtor friend to purchase a new property, he or she can suggest your property management services. It’s a win-win!

Get involved and be visible.

There’s something to be said about trust and brand recognition. When the people in your local target area see your property management brand around town on a regular basis, it’ll become imprinted on their memory. Subconsciously, these top-of-mind companies will always be the ones to whom they turn when the time comes to buy.

You can take advantage of this by getting involved in the civic life of your community. Volunteer your services. Sponsor local events. Contribute to local causes. Participate in community meetings. Make your presence known and mingle with the residents and property owners in your town as often as possible. The more active you are, the more familiarity you’ll gain and the more business you’ll get as a result.

Marketing your property management services isn’t just about placing ads or running campaigns. There are other, more creative things you can do to position your brand to attract more leads. The five creative strategies above should be enough to get you pointed in the right direction.

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