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How to Make Your Property Management Services More Appealing to Modern Landlords

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Like it or not, today’s landlords are markedly different from rental property owners of the past. They are younger, more tech-savvy, and capable of doing their own research. This means they could quickly and easily find the names of a dozen property managers with a few clicks of the keyboard. If you’re on this list (which you hopefully are), the next step is getting prospects to choose your services above all the others. Here are a few ways you can capitalize on the “always connected” modern landlord.

Go Mobile

Today’s landlords are used to having the world at their fingertips. Where owners of the past may have preferred things like paper mailers or the yellow pages, modern landlords seek modern means of communication – in particular, texting (SMS) and email. If you want to reach the younger generation of owners, you must be willing to meet them where they are, and that’s on their mobile devices. (Just be careful to keep these communications timely and relevant.)

Be Social

The average person has at least five active social media accounts, and the time spent browsing these platforms is increasing by the day. If your brand is not present on social media, you are almost certainly missing out on a tremendous pool of potential clients. Leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok to establish a presence and engage with your audience. As an added bonus, search engines rank social profiles higher in the results, so this could also improve your search performance as well.

Get Real

In a world of digital interactions, today’s up-and-comers crave authenticity from the companies with whom they do business. Show your prospects you are who you claim to be by being real and transparent, whether it’s about your services, your fees or whatever else. This will help you build trust, which is critical if you want a young owner to turn over control of their investment property to you. This honesty must also continue once you’ve won their business as well. Communication and openness are key components of long-term client relationships.

Deliver Value

It can take multiple touches over the course of several weeks, months, or even years to turn a prospect into a paying customer. Patience is key, but in the meantime, continue to show your leads that you’re worth staying connected to. Share your knowledge. Provide helpful resources. Continue to add value whenever and wherever you can, and when the time is right, those relationships you’ve invested in will begin to pay off.

What did we miss? Do you have a tried-and-true method for reaching, nurturing, and converting modern landlords? We’d love to hear it! Please share in the comments below.


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