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How to Improve Mobile Operations

Netintegrity - Mobile OperationsThe ability to make operations mobile enables property management teams to better adapt to the nature of their work. When software, infrastructure, and specific processes are designed for mobility property managers can work at home, in the office, on-site or anywhere in between which allowing them to serve customers promptly and comprehensively without lapses, gaps in information, or slow turn around times.

Smart Devices

Equipping your teams with devices that fit the mobile nature of property management can help to create productivity in ever aspect of the job by bridging communication. Smart devices – cell phones or tablets – in conjunction with laptops or in office workstations give property managers on the go a constant link to software, teams, and customers located elsewhere allowing more action to be taken and tasks to be completed promptly or emails to be sent without waiting for in-person meetings.


A steady internet connection bridges communication while working with counterparts that are dispersed across different sites or offices. Access to the internet through employee WiFi networks on site or data plans on the go enable property managers to continue working from anywhere rather than just making manual records and waiting until they get back to the office to send emails, make calls, or log new information.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that provide your property management software to property managers outside of the office enhance functionality on the go or on site. Be installing mobile apps onto work devices property managers can be even more productive. Beyond just making notes, sending emails, or logging into a social network, apps designed for property managers allow your team to promptly complete tasks, record communication with customers, or log maintenance.

On average people have access to their cellphones for about 49 hours per week, which is more than the average 40 hour work week. Because people are reluctant to leave their phones behind, property managers who have access to mobile apps that offer the functionality of their property management software outside of the office can be more productive in the field without any extra equipment.

The Cloud

The cloud provides property management teams one seamless platform to host software. The cloud is internet dependent and can be accessed so long as they have access to internet connection.  Leveraging software hosted on the cloud connects remote teams and makes the mobilization of property managers travelling on site easier. Apps and web-based tools that are integrated through the cloud allow for information entered from any portal to be synced across the entire platform in real time.


When your systems exist on the cloud and outside the comfort of your office having thorough security measures embedded in your system and procedures. Accessing your software from a VPN or a Virtual Private Network as well as encrypting your data allows your team to safely access their software and company data without risking any cyberattacks. There are many additional cybersecurity methods such as data duplication and tokenizing that can fortify your sensitive data while maintain the efficiencies of mobility for your team.

It’s a huge advantage to your property managers and to customers to be mobile in your service it allows you to be agile and responsive to any matters that come up unexpectedly or scheduled well in advance. When property managers can mobilize their software and their teams, they can serve customers with greater effectiveness and bolster customer satisfaction with ease.

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