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How Self-Service Can Be Outstanding Service in Property Management

how self service I must admit that most of the time I consider self-service to be the lowest form of customer service. But that’s because I’m accustomed to torturous self-service scenarios like: 

1.  Filling my car with gas in sub zero temperatures when I forgot my gloves at home.

2.  Listening to an automated phone attendant give a long list of options – none of which apply to my case, then waiting on hold for a live person.

3.  Or perhaps the worst offense of all… waiting in line to scan and bag my own groceries because not one of the store’s 10 cashiers is open.

In each of these scenarios, self-service exists only to save the company money and does not consider the experience of the customer. And it’s circumstances like these that give serving yourself a bad rep.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the self-service options provided by the right property management platform are designed to enhance the customer’s experience and make their lives easier, while also saving the company money. It’s a win win for everyone.

The key to getting self-service right is to take the time to understand what customers want and what sorts of challenges they face and then provide them with the services that they need, when they need them, and in such a way that requires minimal effort on their end.

In property management, the keys to customer satisfaction are to be highly responsive and to make things effortless for them. And what could be more responsive and convenient for today’s constantly connected customer, than a self-service web portal that is accessible 24/7 from any device?

These are just some of the convenient self-service features offered by INFO-Tracker™ OneLink™ web portals:

– online applications, lease agreements and other documents needed
– online payments and one time set up for PAP by ACH/EFT
– online maintenance requests and amenity bookings
– access to detailed transaction statements
– receipt of text messages for important notices
– prompt and well-documented two way communication through proprietary message system

Providing convenient self-service does something else significant to impact customer experience in property management. It frees up the time of property managers and frontline staff and greatly reduces the amount of stress they experience, so that they can manage more proactively and think of ways to continually improve the quality of service they provide. It also makes them more available to respond quickly and effectively, should any customers have needs that can’t be addressed through the portal.

LapSmart.pngFind out more about INFO-Tracker™ OneLink™ web portals for customer self-service, plus all of your on-site property management needs.



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