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How Can Your Office Space Impact Your Team?

Neintegrity - Office SpaceMany may not realize it, but the workspace your team is given can significantly impact their performance. Investing in a positive work environment means you’re investing directly into your business’s and employees’ success. From productivity and profitability to employee health and retention, the office environment is likely to play an influential role.

If your company is evaluating how the traditional office space can be altered to be more beneficial, we’ve compiled the list below.

Open Floor Plans

The volume of cubicles crowding office spaces had declined significantly throughout the 2000s because of the prevalence of the open floor plan. Creating open space in the work environment, where employees can see each other encourages teams to foster relationships and communicate with one another. An open floor plan also enables flexibility and movement within the office as people are hired, promoted, or moved between departments.

Standing Desks

Less than 50% of employees’ request for standing desks are approved. Equipping your teams with adjustable desks that allow them to maneuver as they wish, from sitting to standing can positively impact health and work performance. The ability to stand while at the office can reduce individual back pain, minimize risk of chronic illness like heart disease, and improve energy which leads to an overall increase in productivity and a happier workforce.


Improving lighting in the office by unblocking windows and refitting light fixtures with natural options ensures your office space is always well lit for your employees. This results in better employee performance, higher alertness, and attention to detail. The benefits of good lighting are irrefutable, studies show ample lighting improves productivity anywhere from 10%-50% and reduces errors at least 30%. Good lighting has a wide variety of health benefits on employee health, some being reduced nausea, headaches, eye strain, and neck pain.


Real live greenery may appear at first as an unworthy investment, but studies show that desk and office plants have a positive impact on employee well-being and work performance. Encouraging people to bring in plants for their desks, improves workplace satisfaction, employee concentration, and productivity by 15%. Additionally, views of nature were found to reduce sick days in the US by 10% minimizing workplace absenteeism and increasing profitability.


There are laws, depending on your location, that mandate how high or how low the temperature in your office should be. This is because temperature can have a significant impact on employee health and mental well-being. A cold workspace can reduce the pace of work and the mood of employees. A study conducted by Cornell University found that when the temperature was raised from 68 F (20 C) to 77 F (25 C), typing errors decreased 44% and productivity jumped 150%. If your local government sets a bare minimum temperature, it’s beneficial to go above and beyond in creating a warm atmosphere for your employees, not only will they be appreciative, they will be happier.


Color around the office has a psychological effect on your employees. When leveraged strategically, color choices can be used to improve morale and performance. For example, an excess of red can make people angry or aggressive while, yellow can stimulate the brain, promote intelligence, and confidence. A lack of color can potentially create depressive and lethargic feelings which can cause motivation to decline.

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