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Does Your Property Management Business Need a Mobile App?

Does Your Property Management Business Need a Mobile AppWith 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million apps for Apple users, these days it seems like there’s an app for everything – including businesses. Heck – even the local pizza parlor is getting in on the action! It’s no surprise, then, that many property management companies have begun jumping on the mobile app bandwagon.

But since creating an app requires a pretty significant investment of time and money, doing so just for the heck of it may not be worth it. If you’re on the fence about whether your firm needs an app of its own, here are a few points that may make the decision a bit easier.

Is your site mobile-friendly

Before you even begin to embark on the monumental task of creating a mobile app for your property management company, you should first take inventory of your current website. Specifically, does your site provide mobile users with a positive experience? If not, you’ll be putting the cart before the horse.

Given the fact that an app will be used on mobile devices and will likely link back to your website, make sure to first invest in making sure your site is mobile-friendly before spending a penny on an app.

What’s the competition up to

There are several ways to approach the answer to this question. If your competition is not currently interested in entering the mobile app arena, you could make the argument that it’s not worth your time and effort either. Then, of course, you could also leverage this as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Conversely, if other property management companies in your area are already offering an app to their customers, you could risk getting left behind if you don’t follow suit.

Will an app solve your customers’ problems

Most people download business apps because they promise to solve a particular problem or make their lives easier. For instance, utilizing the pizza parlor’s app makes it faster and more convenient to order for delivery. Being able to scan and deposit checks via a bank’s mobile app saves time and eliminates the need to stand in line.

Think about your customers’ pain points and how an app might be able to address and resolve them. If your concept of an app doesn’t involve functionality or convenience beyond what your mobile property management site already offers, it’s probably not worth it in the long run. 

Do you have the resources

Last, but certainly not least, do you have the resources necessary to build a great app? Consider the fact that 23 percent of apps are used only once and then abandoned. In fact, within just three months of downloading an app, 80 percent of consumers never launch it again.

So, if you’re going to make the investment, be certain that the app you make is stellar and reflects the quality and professionalism of you property management brand. If you don’t have the time, money or resources to really make a fantastic, functional app, it’s probably not worth pursuing to begin with.

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