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6 Website Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Property Management Firm Business

6 Website Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Business.jpgYour website isn’t just a place to showcase your brand and let people know what services you offer. It’s the virtual front door of your business. In many cases, your website will be the very first impression a prospect will have of your property management company, so it’s incredibly important that you’re really wowing them in those first few seconds. If you’ve noticed that the traffic coming to your site isn’t converting as much as you’d like it to, chances are you could be making one of the following costly website mistakes.

It’s way too slow.

You may already know that a slow-loading website can impact your conversion rate, but are you aware of just how big of a deal it trulyis? According to a joint analysis by Google and Bing, an increased delay of just 2 seconds or less can reduce user satisfaction by 3.8%. Furthermore, that delay can be linked to lost revenue per user of 4.3% and reduced number of clicks by 4.4%. Make sure your property management website loads and runs as quickly as possible to avoid these risks.

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It doesn’t quickly deliver the necessary info.

When someone visits your property management website, you ultimately want them to take that next step and either email or pick up the phone and call your office. But if your contact information isn’t easy to locate, you’re missing out on that opportunity. Experts say that this info should always be located “above the fold,” that is, at the top where your visitors can see it without having to scroll down and search.

It’s not designed for optimum readability.

Studies have shown time and time again that people tend to read in a certain pattern – typically from left to right and often in an “F” pattern. Additionally, your busy prospects will be looking to glean the important information they need without having to spend too much time sifting through too much content. Make sure your website is laid out to accommodate these tendencies and make content more digestible by breaking it up with headlines, bullet points and lists.

Its navigation is complicated and/or confusing.

When you go to a website, you expect to find certain info in certain places. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, it can be frustrating and easily lead to a higher bounce-rate (i.e., you’ll probably end up moving on to a different website to find what you’re looking for). The same goes for your property management website. If navigating around is too cumbersome or your content and information isn’t laid out in a logical manner, you could be losing business as a result.

It’s a victim of the longer landing page dilemma.

Research indicates that the longer a landing page is the more qualified leads it can produce. The theory behind this being that those who stick around long enough to read 1,000+ words of copy are more inclined to buy (or in your case, book your property management services). The problem is all the other prospects you lose in the process. To find a happy medium, try breaking longer copy up and making it easier to scan and more likely to hold the readers’ attention by using sub-headings and better spacing.

It doesn’t utilize colors properly.

It’s not so much the choice of color you use on your website, but rather it’s how you use it. Action colors – like red and green – should be used to highlight and draw visitors’ attention to the most important components of your site, such as clickable buttons and links. Complementary colors and background hues can then be used to pull everything else together.

Are you committing any of the above costly website mistakes? If so, you are most likely losing business as a result. The good news is it’s never too late to turn things around.


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