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6 Ways a Property Management Portal Promotes Communication

a-property-management-portal-promotes-good-communicationIt’s no secret that as members of a fast-paced, highly competitive society, we are currently experiencing a communication breakdown of sorts — both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

We are all working to our own schedules, juggling multiple priorities at the same time and attempting to get it all done without dropping the ball. But the reality is that we often do drop the ball, even when we have the best intentions. Yes, it can be very challenging to connect with people at times — and even when we do, we are often hurried or distracted, either not completely listening or forgetting to relay important details.

Communication can be particularly challenging in property management, as a lone site manager can have numerous stakeholders to communicate with on a daily basis, which entails keeping track of conversations, requests and inquiries. Not to mention, a property manager’s working hours are also when the majority of customers are working at their own jobs. This makes it difficult to find a compatible time to communicate and deal with important matters.

Ironically, it’s the advanced technology and automation behind INFO-Tracker™ OneLink® that helps open the lines of communication and interaction between all parties involved, keeping stakeholders well informed and offering them a variety of ways to take care of business at their own convenience.

Here are just a few of the powerful ways that INFO-Tracker™ OneLink® web portals support effective communications at the site level:

1. Broadcast messages to the community

Keep your customers informed in real-time and ensure that everyone gets the message, by sending emails and/or text messages to all or selected owners/residents/board members with the click of one button.

2. Service requests and incident reports

At their own convenience, residents can submit service requests and incident reports via an online form —without having to contact the office or front desk. The simple form collects all information needed by the property manager and assigned maintenance staff to effectively address the issue. Site managers either approve or deny the request, and the resident automatically receives status updates via the portal, eliminating the need for follow-up phone calls.

3. Facility booking and visitor parking

Residents can view availability and rates for facilities and visitor parking, and book these amenities online. This eliminates the risk of missed or double bookings, and relieves property managers and concierge from having to receive requests and keep track of bookings made by phone, email or in person. All pertinent information is recorded via an online form, and rental fees, deposits and any convenience fees are automatically collected via EFT and posted to the corresponding owner/tenant ledger.

4. Parcel tracking and notification

Alerts are sent to residents as their parcels are available to be picked up. The site manager or concierge records all relevant information in the portal, including stored location and pick-up status, to ensure that no parcels are misplaced. Residents can feel confident that they will be notified as soon as their parcel arrives, so they do not need to contact the front desk to inquire.

5. Comprehensive contact management

All letters and notices generated within OneLink® are automatically saved under the appropriate category (i.e. customer, resident, vendor, etc.) and made available for quick future reference, should any questions or issues arise. Site managers can also document the events of any phone call or in person visit, by creating a new record directly in the CRM system. Immediate access to accurate historical records helps make follow-up communications more efficient and meaningful, and helps speed up the resolution of any conflicts.

6. Maintenance work orders, schedules and timesheets

Site managers can easily create and assign new Work Orders, using an online form that collects all information needed to complete the job efficiently. Assigned Work Orders are instantly delivered to the selected maintenance worker, with an indication of urgency and other important details. When the job is completed, maintenance staff can then record their hours along with any relevant notes, directly on the Time Sheet for that Work Order — all remotely while in the field, from a mobile device.

OneLink_Logo_Colour_Small.pngAnd this is just the tip of the iceberg.
To find out more about INFO-Tracker™ OneLink®, contact a client representative.

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