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6 Tips for Making the Move-In Process Less Stressful

6 Tips for Making the Move-In Process Less StressfulCommunity boards play an important role in keeping the peace and maintaining order. They can also be incredibly helpful to residents in a number of other, more personal ways. In particular, some communities implement specific strategies that are designed to help ease the burden and take some of the stress out of moving in. (Anyone who’s ever moved knows exactly how stressful it can be!) For community leaders looking to improve resident experience, here are a few ways you can emulate this.

  • Provide them with a welcome packet, ideally digital so they can reference it once they settle in and won’t have to worry about it getting misplaced in the chaos of the move. (See our other blog post for ideas on specifically what you should include in your welcome packet.)
  • Let them know you’re there for them during the transition and make yourself available. Provide your direct contact info (or that of another point person) so that if and when they run into an issue or have a question, they’ll be able to reach out right away and get the support they need.
  • In addition to what’s included in the comprehensive welcome packet, provide a “hot sheet” that contains information that might be helpful during the first few days of moving and unpacking. For instance, list out nearby restaurants, grocery stores, medical centers, vet clinics, etc. – anything a new resident might need to access early on.
  • Reserve a spot for them close to their unit where they can park their U-Haul or moving truck for faster, easier access. (Depending on how your community is set up, this may not be feasible, or you may need to get buy-in from other residents who may be slightly inconvenienced. Most people are willing to help, but do check first.)
  • Make sure all move-in policies are provided in writing and clearly stated so there are no surprises or questions. For instance, if there are rules that state when quiet time begins, ensure that new residents are aware so they don’t end up getting off on the wrong foot with neighbors and management.
  • Put together a goodie basket of essentials for the first day, such as bottled water, snacks, local takeout menus, toiletries and anything else you think might be helpful for people who are frazzled and in the middle of a big move.

These are just a few suggestions, of course. Now we’ll turn it over to you. What are some things your community management does to reduce stress for new residents? Please share your thoughts below.

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