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6 Hot Condominium Amenities that Deliver an Extraordinary Customer Experience

Hot Condominium AmenitiesA major aspect of delivering an extraordinary customer experience is going above and beyond, and giving people something they didn’t expect, but definitely need. Here are some of the most sought-after amenities popping up in condominium and rental communities across the country. Consider these when seeking properties to expand your portfolio or when planning renovations to existing properties.

Fitness & Wellness

Communities are now reaching far beyond a small gloomy room with a few pieces of equipment, to offer breath-taking fitness facilities with state of the art equipment, personal trainers, and professionally instructed classes for Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Zumba.

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Socializing Spaces

Given that entertaining space is limited in most units, the current trend is to provide more enticing places for residents to socialize and entertain guests. Rooftop lounges modelled after the most exclusive clubs and resorts are all the rage. Many include BBQs, fire pits, cocktail bars, formal dining areas and catering kitchens.

Green Spaces

Many developers are giving back to the community by dedicating a larger portion of the land they own to design highly functional and sustainable green spaces that include features like playgrounds for kids, well-lit pathways and meditation ponds and gardens.

Retail Spaces

More communities are going multi-purpose and offering the on-site convenience of urban living essentials such as food markets, cafés, beauty salons and spas.

Pet Pampering

Multifamily communities are finally realizing just how much people love their pets. Aside from more properties now accepting furry family members, many are taking it to the next level with perks like dedicated pet exercising areas and full-service pet spas.

Urban Gardening

Communities are responding to the growing trend of getting back to food basics by offering plots where residents can grow their own food. Some also provide the space and tools for residents to plant veggies in pots and then grow them on their balconies and terraces.

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