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5 Ways to Get Your Property Management Prospects to Book Faster

get_your_property_management_prospects_to_book_fasterIf you’ve spent any time in the business world, you already know that it can take several “touches” to convert a lead from prospect to paying customer, but what if there were a way that you could somehow speed up the process? What if you could implement certain steps that could push them through the funnel faster and help them make concise, confident sales decisions in your favor? The good news is there is! Here are five things you can start doing today to increase the speed and likelihood of someone booking your property management services.

Slow down and stay focused on the sales process.

Admittedly, the idea of slowing down seems to contradict the goal of speeding things up, but in reality, if you cut corners in the sales process, you could actually end up dragging things out longer. For instance, if you don’t take the time to understand your prospect’s needs, pain points and objections, your presentation will lack adequate and compelling customization. Stay the course and it will pay off.

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Set expectations and communicate next steps.

Oftentimes the sales process can slow down or stall because the customer feels overwhelmed, confused or unsure. You can avoid this and also gain momentum at the same time by making a point to set your prospects’ expectations and always letting them know what the next step in the process will be. By breaking things down and keeping your prospect informed, you’ll make things seem more manageable and gently usher the lead through to conversion.

Be upfront, straightforward and involve them in the process.

The more involved your property management prospects feel in the sales process, the more comfortable they’ll be taking each step and moving forward. Whenever possible, include them and get their input. For example, before concluding an initial sales call, you might ask the prospect how he or she feels about the proposed next step. Gaining buy-in will help you naturally lead them to the next phase, such as setting up an in-person meeting.

Create urgency by identifying the opportunity rather than the problem.

Many salespeople use the oldest trick in the book to try and urge their prospects to make a buying decision, but doing so could potentially backfire. Why? Because, when you try to create urgency by putting a spotlight on the problem, your prospects could become defensive and shut down. Focusing instead on the opportunity you are offering them and why they’ll benefit by signing on sooner rather than later might be much more effective.

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Don’t overdo it.

Providing way too much information to your prospects can bog down the process. In some cases, if they feel overwhelmed enough, they might even go to a competitor for their property management needs. Tread carefully when it comes to the information you share. Stick with quality over quantity. For instance, instead of pointing out six or seven benefits to choosing your company, pick the top three and go from there. This will simplify and make each point more powerful and therefore more effective.

When it comes to running a successful property management business, time is money. That goes for your prospects as well as your sales reps. By taking the appropriate measures to remove the fluff and speed up the sales process, you’ll convert your leads faster, increasing revenue while also optimizing your staffing resources. It’s a win-win!


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