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5 Ways to Attract More Property Management Clients

5 Ways to Attract More Property Management ClientsProperty management is a competitive industry. If you want to position yourself as a leader in the market, you have to stand out from the crowd. You also have to be proactive, and sometimes even creative in how you reach and nurture leads. Ready to grow your book of business? Here are five tips from our property management experts.


Focus on first impressions.

People begin to form an opinion about a business within mere seconds of their initial interaction. Make sure your prospects’ first impression of you, your company and your services is a positive one. Keep in mind that the very first encounter someone may have with your brand may very well be a visit to your website, so be sure your online presence is sending the right message.

Prioritize communication.

One of the most common reasons owners decide to cut ties with a property manager is lack of communication. You can capitalize on this by demonstrating how much you value communication. Start by being easy to connect with and super responsive. You can also highlight your use of modern communication tools, such as an online owner portal.

Be transparent and trustworthy.

The foundation of any good business relationship is trust, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the property management industry. If you want an owner to turn over control of his or her property to your company, you have to show them that you will be fully transparent with them. This is another area where an online portal can help. That way, owners can easily access reports and other info they need.

Showcase your reviews.

These days, almost every business transaction begins online, and most of these interactions start with a quick look at customer reviews. What better way to make a stellar first impression than to have glowing recommendations precede a visit to your website? If you don’t have enough 5-star ratings, it’s time to start drumming them up. You can also include testimonials on your property management website.

Highlight your strengths.

What is it that your property management company does that others either don’t do or don’t do as well? Have you recently been the recipient of a reward or other industry or community recognition? Again, it’s all about differentiating yourself, so figure out what your greatest strengths are and then use them to impress and win over your prospects.

Whether you’re just starting out and trying to make a name for yourself or are a property management veteran looking to corner the market in your area, the five tips shared above should help you attract more business, foster stronger client relationships and deliver an exceptional, retention-driven customer experience.

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