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5 Ways a VoIP System Can Benefit Your Property Management Business

5-ways-voip-system-can-benefit-your-property-management-business.jpgIt seems like everything is making its way up to “the cloud” these days, and that includes the traditional office telephone system. Many businesses including those in property management are transitioning their internal phone systems from traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP systems enable you to get phone service over your Internet connection and offer significant cost savings and operational benefits.

Here are 5 ways your organization can benefit from a VoIP system.

Cost Savings

With VoIP there is no expensive hardware to buy, install and maintain, plus “cloud”-based phone systems offer much lower overall monthly operating costs. VoIP systems also offer better scalability as you grow. Simply purchase an IP-enabled phone when you hire a new employee and easily configure via a web-based admin system.

Automation / Efficiency

VoIP systems have an auto attendant that will direct incoming calls to the most appropriate staff member, freeing up the time of frontline staff to deal with higher value tasks.

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Connect desk and mobile phones

Staff members’ desk and mobile phones can be connected through mobile twinning. Meaning that incoming calls ring to both their mobile and desk phones simultaneously, making people easier to reach with one single number. If people know they will be out of the office, they can set calls to be automatically diverted to their mobile to minimize disturbance to those in the office.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Hosted VoIP systems work through any internet connection, meaning that your staff can be reached and make outgoing calls from anywhere, including in the office, on site, on the road or at home. The ability to connect to your office system from anywhere is especially important in cases of disaster or other circumstances, when your office is not accessible.

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Many VoIP bundles include a voice mail transcribing feature. Record your calls with customers and suppliers while at the office or out in the field and have them automatically transcribed and saved as a text file that can be emailed to you.

TIP: Some VoIP providers offer cheap rates to win your business, but it’s often at the expense of call quality and reliability. Great advances have been made in this technology, so these days your VoIP connection should sound identical to a landline. So when choosing a VoIP provider make sure the quality of phone calls meets your company’s standards.

There’s a reason why mobile is taking over both our personal and professional lives at a very rapid pace. It makes life easier, allows us to respond instantly no matter where we are and allows us to get more done in less time. Combining the flexibility of a VoIP phone system with web based property management tools like INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™ provides your property management staff with a complete and efficient mobile office.{{cta(‘dd3cddaa-5b1c-4720-a06c-fc26e6fba0bc’,’justifyright’)}}


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