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5 Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Property Management Marketing Strategy

5_Tips_for_Incorporating_Video_into_Your_Property_Management_Marketing_StrategyWhen it comes to online marketing, one of the biggest keys to success is variety. That is, sharing more than just written content by incorporating a wide array of multi-media. Video in particular can be incredibly powerful, especially in the property management industry. In fact, a recent study by Unruly revealed that video can increase brand recognition by 139%. If you’re finding it challenging to weave this type of media into your property management content marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into 5 simple ways you can master the art of video marketing in no time.

Develop a Video Marketing Plan

One reason many businesses fail at video marketing is that they don’t bother creating any sort of formal plan. Determining ahead of time how many videos you’d like to produce – say in a year – and developing a timeline and strategy for their production and publication will keep you on track and on budget.

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Match Videos with Keywords 

What search terms are your audience using when they look up property management services in your area? This can help you define what video content would be most relevant to those web searches, thereby increasing the chances of your content being found.

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Genuine > High Quality

While some videos you produce should be of decent quality (such as the ones introducing your company or showing your properties), others can and should be focused more on who you are rather than how much money you can invest in video production. People love to see the genuine, human side of a brand, so give them what they want. Pepper in entertaining videos about your team with the ones that are all business.

Don’t Rule Out Animation 

You probably already have lots of visual data, such as slide decks and infographics. Why not repurpose that content into video format by turning them into animation. If you’re not completely sure how to do this, you may want to consider enlisting the help of an experienced freelancer.

Don’t Forget Promotion

Once you’ve created your videos, make sure you’re spreading the word so they’ll actually gain some traction. Embed them on your website, create your own YouTube channel and share them on all your social networks. The more legwork you do, the more benefits you’ll reap.

The property management industry is one of the most competitive landscapes in the business world. To be successful, one must find a way to stand out and make as big an impact as possible. Incorporating video into your content marketing will provide you with a much more robust and effective strategy which will help keep you a few steps ahead of the game.{{cta(‘a1a74c1e-eafa-47fe-a8af-b6ad2864af81′,’justifyright’)}}

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