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5 Reasons Your Property Management Business Needs a Podcast

5-reasons-your-property-management-business-needs-a-podcastWhen it comes to social media and getting your message out to the masses, most people think about networks, like Facebook and Twitter, or even a company blog. One lucrative and highly effective angle that you may not have considered, however, is the podcast – that is, audio recorded messages that can include everything from tips and tricks to a newsworthy announcement to an interview with an industry expert. And with more than 1 billion podcast subscriptions on iTunes alone, it’s obviously something that people are paying attention to. Here’s why you should consider tapping into this market for your own property management business.

Super High Engagement Level

Some 90% of all plays/downloads come from subscribed applications, like iTunes, which automatically deliver new podcasts to subscribers as soon as they’re released. In many instances, users will download and/or subscribe to a podcast without ever actually visiting a company’s website. So, it’s a great, creative way to reach more people without being overly “in their faces.”

One recent study on audio habits of today’s consumers revealed that podcast listeners consume more than one hour and 45 minutes of audio each and every day. That’s makes them “super listeners,” which is great news for your property management podcast!

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Low Barriers to Entry

One quick Google search and you’ll soon discover that there are podcasts about almost everything. They can also be recorded virtually anywhere. The reason this means of social communication is so popular is because it’s really easy and affordable to do. You don’t need a studio or even professional recording equipment. All you need is a podcasting software, a script (or at least an outline) and a few minutes of time.

Very Effective

In addition to the droves of people tuning in, podcasts have also been proven to be quite effective from a sales and marketing standpoint. Of the 300,000 podcast listeners recently surveyed, 63 percent say they have purchased a product or service that was promoted via a podcast. 71 percent said that, at the very least, they visited the sponsor’s website. So, if you’re trying to entice more people to book your property management services, this is a pretty powerful way to do so. (Just be careful not to overdo it.)

Complements Other Marketing Efforts

Chances are you’re already participating in other popular digital marketing activities, such as social media posting and blog writing. Podcasts provide an excellent complement to these methods because it’s easy, almost natural to tie them in with your other content. For instance, let’s say you posted a blog about a particular property management topic and it got a lot of feedback and engagement. You could continue the conversation by discussing the blog and its responses on a future podcast. You can also use podcasts to gently remind listeners to connect with you on social media or sign up for your newsletter.

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Rapid Growth

Adoption of podcasts is becoming much more commonplace, with rapid growth occurring currently and projected to continue. Podcasting platform RawVoice, which tracks some 20,000 shows, has released numbers that indicate the number of unique monthly podcast listeners has literally tripled, from 25 million just five years ago to 75 million today.

It’s only logical to assume, then, that your property management customers are among these unique users, which presents a tremendous opportunity for you to reach, connect and engage with more qualified leads.

Most importantly, podcast is not just effective, it’s also fun, so relax, let down your hair and enjoy yourself. Your listeners will appreciate it and repay you with loyalty and valuable recommendations.


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