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4 Secrets to Becoming a Boss that Matters

4 Secrets to Becoming a Boss that Matters

Poor leaders are remembered for what they did to their employees. Great ones a remembered for what they did for their teams. There’s a significant difference. Which category are you currently in? Is there room for improvement? The truth is, even if you are a decent boss, there’s a good chance you aren’t maximizing your impact. If you really want to make a difference, here are five things you can do to become a leader that matters.

Build a moat.

No, not an actual moat. That would be weird. MOAT is actually an acronym for “managing on absolute trust.” Think about what you’d want as an employee. Wouldn’t you want your boss to believe in you? By demonstrating that you trust your employees, you’ll empower them to perform at their absolute best. Learn their strengths, give them opportunities to take chances and then plant yourself on the other side of the drawbridge, just in case they need your guidance.

Provide quality feedback.

The key word here is “quality.” Research indicates that 2/3 of employees desire more feedback, and concernedly, 83% say the feedback they do receive isn’t helpful. The truth is, any manager can give feedback, but the best bosses take the time to thoughtfully plan and deliver comments that are insightful and actionable. If you’re not sure how to do this, think about the best feedback you’ve ever received and work from there.

Care about their careers.

It’s easy to get so caught up in developing your own career that it’s hard to step back and look at the paths of those around you. But that’s precisely what a boss that matters does. Don’t just leave it up to them to navigate their own journey. Join them. Help them carve a strategy for growth or advancement. Set realistic expectations and provide the tools they need to move forward. Most important, advocate for them – fiercely. By supporting the careers of others, you’ll indirectly boost your own in the process.

Look for teachable moments.

By investing in the career development of your employees, you’ll be much better able to identify valuable moments when learning will be most impactful. Seek out teachable moments, such as when a team member is having trouble seeing things from another point of view during a conflict. It is in those moments when your coaching will be most effective. Stay plugged in and keep fostering that trust, and those teachable moments will become easier to spot.

Whether it’s with your current property management firm, or wherever else your career takes you in the future, what type of leader do you want to be remembered as? Focus on mastering the four things above and you’ll carve out a nice reputation for yourself as a boss that truly makes a difference.

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