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4 Rental Home Security Upgrades that Won’t Break Your Budget

4 Rental Home Security Upgrades that Wont Break Your BudgetOver the next 20 years, 3 out of every 4 homes will be broken into. And while as a property manager, you may not be responsible for replacing a tenant’s stolen belongings, you are expected to provide residents with a dwelling where they can feel safe. In fact, home security is an important factor for many when deciding on a rental property, which means investing in the safety of your residents could give you competitive advantage over other property management firms. Here’s how to do so without going broke.

Reinforce the locks.

According to data from the FBI, 57.5% of burglaries involve some type of forcible entry. In other words, the majority of break-ins occur due to such activities as picking a lock or kicking in a door. You can help your residents beat the odds by installing high-security locks that are sturdier and pick-proof. Experts recommend using hardware that is designated as grade 2 or higher.

Install motion detectors.

65% of home invasions occur during the day because that’s when houses are most likely to be empty. One way property managers can help deter would-be burglars from attempting to gain access to their rental properties is to install motion-detecting sensors in and around the home that create the illusion that someone is home. For instance, when a sensor detects the movement of someone lurking near the property, it can trigger a light or even a television to go in, effectively scaring the burglar away.

Invest in affordable security cameras.

In the past, some property managers on a budget have opted to install dummy security cameras in an attempt to trick intruders. Thankfully, today’s technology has made it easy and affordable to invest in legitimate security systems. In fact, there are smart systems on the market today that have sophisticated features such as motion sensors, remote access, audio recognition and even compatibility with Amazon Alexa – all for around $20.

Protect windows.

Windows can be just as vulnerable as doors when it comes to break-ins – especially those located on lower levels. You can reinforce your rental property’s windows to make them more burglar-resistant by pinning double-hung windows, making sure all window locks are in good working order and placing sensors near windows so they’ll trip the security system in the event of a break-in.

Investing in home security may not be mandatory for a property manager, but it can be a wise business decision. Not only will it provide peace of mind to residents, but it’ll also help strengthen your positive reputation in the property management industry, which will pay off in the long run.

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