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4 Reasons Your Business Should Be on the Cloud

4 Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based SystemBusinesses across the globe are turning to cloud-based systems to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. If your property management company has lagged a bit behind, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Better yet, it’s never too late to jump onboard. But what if you’ve got a stubborn decision-maker who simply doesn’t see the benefits of making this change? The following four advantages should help convince them otherwise.


Slash Costs

One of the most attractive benefits of a cloud-based property management system is a reduction in costs. With the cloud, you can eliminate the capital expense of a complex, physical IT infrastructure. Rather than dishing out tens or even hundreds of thousands on IT personnel and overpriced hardware (that must also be maintained), you’ll only have the software to worry about. Plus, all updates and maintenance to the platform will be handled by the provider. And with a cloud-based system that enables online payments, you’ll improve cash flow at the same time.

Do More with Less

A cloud-based property management solution enables even the smallest operations to compete with the big dogs. Why? Because with automation doing the heavy lifting, your company will become more efficient. Meanwhile, your existing staff will be freed up to focus their skills on more critical business initiatives, like growth. Scale up or down with ease, eliminate human errors and gain the competitive advantage you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Increased Security

Provided you use an established property management solution like Netintegrity, which uses multiple backup servers, you can rest easy knowing that all of your important data remains secure and confidential. Unlike a physical storage facility, the cloud helps you avoid costly damage and potential loss by enabling frequent backups. Meanwhile, comprehensive encryption protocols and cutting-edge firewalls will protect you against cyber breaches.

Superior Service

Having a cloud-based system allows all of your employees to access any and all information they need, any time they need it and from anywhere they happen to be. On-demand access facilitates better service to clients. Likewise, with real-time access to data and reports, management can get the insights they need to make more informed business decisions that will help to improve operations and enhance service levels.

These are really just a few of the many benefits a cloud-based system can have for a property management company. The best way to discover these and many other advantages is to see such a system in action. Click here to schedule a free, interactive live demo of INFO-Tracker today. What do you have to lose?

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