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4 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Properties’ Best Features

4 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Properties’ Best FeaturesEvery property has its own features that make it stand out from the rest. As a property manager, it’s your job to figure out what those special features are and adequately showcase them in order to rent vacant properties quickly. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or even an experienced marketer to accomplish this. You just have to take the right approach. Below are a few simple yet effective tips for putting your properties’ best foot forward. 

Capture the best features on film.

Ok, maybe not with actual film, per se, but you should make sure whatever features you believe will be most attractive to potential tenants are captured in images. What those features are will ultimately depend upon the property itself as well as the audience you are trying to attract. For instance, you might snap some shots of the shiny new appliances if you are marketing to older renters and focus on the smart security system when you’re targeting millennials. If you’re not quite sure who you’re trying to appeal to, a mixture of design and functionality should do the trick.

And remember – property managers aren’t the only people who have busy schedules. To make the most impact in the short amount of time you have to capture your audience’s interest, put your best images into a collage. That way prospects browsing your listing will be able to see everything that’s important all at once. For social media marketing, utilizing the carousel feature of Facebook ads or Instagram’s new multi-photo feature can have a similar effect.

Offer virtual tours.

Today’s property managers must get up to speed with virtual streaming technology, not just because it can improve efficiency and productivity, but because it appeals to the modern renter. Not everyone has the time or the desire to schedule actual property tours, but doing a virtual walkthrough from their laptop or mobile phone is quick, easy and super convenient. Shoot a video and post it on YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo, or stream the tour in real-time on Facebook Live.

Whether you’re sharing pre-recorded footage after the fact or going live, drum up engagement by inviting questions and asking viewers to post their thoughts in the comments section. (Just remember to go back and check frequently so nothing goes unanswered.) Greater engagement can improve SEO performance, which will get your videos found by more prospects.

Leverage data.

Data can be used for so many purposes, including as a tool to highlight your properties’ most marketable features. If you aren’t already doing so, consider using some hard numbers and facts in your property listings. For instance, you could showcase a high walk score if your property is located in a very walkable neighborhood. Or, if it is in close proximity to public transportation, you could highlight the location’s transit score.

Another powerful piece of data that property managers can leverage is an area’s crime stats. For someone looking to relocate from another city or town, an individual who is interested in living alone or a family that wants to ensure their children’s safety, a lower than average crime rate can be a highly attractive feature.

Share tenant testimonials.

There’s nothing more persuasive than the recommendation of a friend, family member or even an online peer. A person who has first-hand experience with your properties and can vouch for your service level as a property manager is worth far more than any marketing campaign you could put together.

Tap into your satisfied residents and ask if they’d be willing to share their good experience with others. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (though video testimonials offer even more bang for your buck); a small paragraph should suffice. Once you’ve gathered a few rave reviews, share them everywhere you can – on your website, on your social media channels, in your newsletters and – most importantly – right on your listing pages.

One of the most critical components of a property manager’s job is keeping vacancies at a minimum. This can also be one of the most challenging tasks. But with a strategy that incorporates one or more of the above tips, you should be able to effectively capture the essence of your properties and attract more applicants in the process.

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